That girl.

That girl who just sat in the shower for 30 minutes crying to herself. That girl needs time to sort out her thoughts.

That girl who knows so many things are bothering her but doesn’t feel validated that they should. Why are her problems more significant than other things? She’s healthy, her kids are healthy, there are so many others with bigger issues.

That girl who wants to feel wanted. She knows she’s needed because she has two small children, but to feel wanted and seen, how she craves that.

That girl who would love to be made a priority.

She doesn’t prioritize herself because again, others need her more. But to be someone else’s priority, she longs for that.

That girl who would love to get in return what she puts out. Why is she the one to plan everything? Because she wants it. And if she doesn’t plan it, who will? And if no one does, she’ll be disappointed because she could’ve had it if she’d planned it.

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That girl who wants others to put in the time and effort she does. When was the last time someone reached out to her to do something? When was the last time something was planned for her? When was the last time she was invited to do something? 

That girl who desperately wants a best friend. Not just a normal everyday friend who has other best friends, but someone who reciprocates the “best” in the friendship. 

That girl who wants to be listened to. The girl who feels like she’s always talking to herself because she never has undivided attention. The girl who others don’t remember what she’s said, like it’s unimportant. 

That girl who needs to be heard. Not argued with, not talked back to, not responded to. Just heard, validated, listened to.

That girl who sometimes feels lonely, like she’s all by herself. She knows she’ll get through it, but sometimes she just needs to take a moment and let it pass.

That girl who sometimes needs a break from it all. A break from wife, mother, responsibilities. Just her, doing what makes her happy.

That girl who wants appreciation. To be thanked for the little mundane things that come with being a wife and a mother. To be seen and recognized for the details that often are unnoticed and underappreciated. 

That girl who wants follow through. Do what you say, say what you do. False hope and promises lead to more disappointment. 

That girl who wants help without asking for it. Just do the chore, just jump in, just do it without being asked first. Take the load off occasionally. And when you do, don’t gloat or seek appreciation for something that gets done all the other times without gratitude. 

That girl who tries her hardest and puts her all into everything. That girl needs to be seen and occasionally have everything put into her.

That girl who feels overwhelmed sometimes and can’t express it. That girl needs to be alone, needs to vent, needs someone to listen, needs to cry, and needs it to be OK if sometimes she doesn’t know what she needs. 

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That girl who wants words of appreciation, acts of service, receiving gifts, and quality time. Each in their own way would make a world of difference. Appreciation for all that is done, service for things that would give a break, gifts to show being thought of, quality time that is not part of her planning.

That girl who feels anxious, depressed, sad, mad, happy. Sometimes all at the same time, sometimes all within a day, sometimes all within a week. Support that girl. Embrace the moods and help how you can, when you can. 

That girl who loves so hard, so fiercely, so deeply. That girl wants the same in return, to know it and be shown it in the ways that mean the most to her.

That girl who needs everything above and so much more. That girl lives within me. That girl is my reality, my life, my being.

Jenna Wieberg

My name is Jenna Wieberg. I am 35 years old and a stay-at-home mom. My kiddos are both now in school. I have a 2nd grader who is 7 and a 5-year-old kindergartner. My husband and I have been together 12 years, married 10.