My sweet girl, I love watching you grow. You are getting so big and independent. I see you transforming into your own person with your own opinions. I look at you, and I am amazed.

But sweet girl, I don’t just feel excitement in watching you change. You see, I feel so much sadness right alongside that joy. Two opposite feelings existing together within my heart. An ache of watching that little baby you were disappear right before my eyes.

It is happening too quickly for my heart to handle.

I find myself wishing I could just stop time and keep you this age forever.

Oh, my sweet girl, how I wish I could keep you little forever.

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Please, my girl, stay little a little bit longer for me.

It seems like just yesterday you stole my heart, that day I fell in the love the first time I saw you. This perfect little baby. I remember rocking you to sleep and holding you in my arms. I remember feeling like I never loved someone so much in my life.

Please, my girl, stay little a little bit longer for me.

It seems like just yesterday I watched you learn to walk. I remember cheering and laughing as you stumbled along. I remember your first words and feeding you your first foods.

I remember how exciting all of the new things were, a special adventure of firsts we were on together.

Please, my girl, stay little a little bit longer for me.

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It seems like just yesterday that off you went to your first day of preschool, I was so worried about how you would do on your own. I remember how proud I was. I loved watching you make friends and learn new things. I remember pushing you on the swings and helping you get dressed, I remember how much you still needed me.

Please, my girl, stay little a little bit longer for me.

It seems like just yesterday you had your first day of kindergarten, your first bus ride. I remember feeling like part of me drove off with you on that bus each day. I remember when you lost your front teeth and that silly toothless smile was grinning back at me. It seems like just yesterday I still had to give you a bath and lay with you to fall asleep. You were getting big, but I was still able to hold you in my arms.

But somehow here we are, my girl.

You are almost nine, and I see that little baby disappearing right before my eyes.

Every day you change more into a beautiful girl.

I see your little baby features that have changed into a mature face.

I see your little legs that have grown into strong, long legs.

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I see your beautiful smile and see your unique self developing.

I see your independence and needing me a little less.

I see glimpses of the girl you are becoming and it brings me such joy . . . but if you see me staring with tears in my eyes, it is all because I am wondering how that little baby disappeared so quickly.

So please, my sweet girl, I beg youplease stay little a little bit longer for me

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Jennifer Toscano

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