Pinspiration: Fizzy Paint

Pinspiration: Fizzy Paint

I took a bit of a vacation from my Pin-inspired posts.  But I'm back.   My kids love trying the experiments!! This week we tried to make "Fizzy Paint" What you n...


This Week

Glitter Shamrock Playdough

This is an easy way to celebrate spring and Saint Patrick’s day.

Here’s the recipe: 


1 cup water
Green food coloring (lots… 5 or more drops until you feel you have a good color.)
Glitter (also lots – two or more tablespoons)
1 tablespoon vegetable oil

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Shaving Cream Fun! 6 Ways.

Shaving Cream can be all kinds of inexpensive fun!!

The big cans of it can be purchased at the Dollar Store or your local grocery store 2-for-one sometimes.

 Here are some projects we did this week: 
Marble Art: 

-Put a piece of paper on a…

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Pinspiration: Chocolate Strawberries!!

My kiddos (especially my 4-year old) LOVE helping out in the kitchen.

This week my Sister-in-law got married.  Our whole family headed to my inlaw’s cabin on Thursday to help set up.  Madison and I decided to bring a special treat for the rest…

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Crystal Snowflakes (or Hearts)

I’ve been wanting to check out this Pinterest project since I first joined.  I was intimidated by it.  

But I shouldn’t have been.

This one is pretty easy, takes just overnight, requires stuff I already have, and is AWESOME.  

In fact, we may do these…

07 Feb 3:08 PM 1

Valentine Ideas for the Kiddos

This year we’re up-cycling for Valentine’s Day.

We’re melting crayons into special lips and mustaches!
Crayon Kisses!!
Pretty simple: 

Preheat oven to 275 degrees

Peel the paper off of your crayons.

Place in muffin tins (for circles) or other special shapes if you have them…

28 Jan 2:30 PM 0

Freezing Bubbles?!?!

I did this several years ago for TV.  

It was one of the most fun nights I’ve ever been at work.

Pretty much we rushed to write the newscast and then we ran outside to attempt our ‘science’ project.

It worked.

Now we did it as a family…

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