I took a bit of a vacation from my Pin-inspired posts. But I’m back.

My kids love trying the experiments!!

This week we tried to make “Fizzy Paint”

What you need: 

10695397_10204015583022722_418986273_nBaking Soda
Food Coloring (or water color paint)
Vinegar in a squirt gun or spray bottle
Paint brushes 
Paper – Watercolor paper probably works better than what we used…


What you do: 

Mix the food coloring, baking soda and water in cups. There’s no magic mixture, really. You just want as much baking soda as possible, but you don’t want it to be too thick to paint. I just added and stirred until it felt right. This will work with almost any mixture. The fizz is better with more Baking Soda.


Have your kids paint.


Give ’em the spray bottle or suirt gun and let them ‘fizz’ the paint.


Note: We did not end up with masterpieces after this. The fun was in the fizz -not the finished product. I think it MIGHT have worked better if we had watercolor paper – because our paper got COVERED with vinegar and baking soda. But the kids did have fun.

BONUS:  After your kids are done ‘painting’ and ‘fizzing’ you can make mini volcanos out of each ‘glass’ of paint! Just pour vinegar in. It’ll fizz over.


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