I am totally in love with my kids’ teachers. Pretty much all teachers, in fact. Because teaching is a pretty taxing gig.

Every year, I try to come up with some great ideas to give teachers that will appropriately communicate just how much I appreciate them.

Something that doesn’t have apples on it. Something they might actually use or like. Something that might be special without being a lace doily with their last name on it that they could hang on their classroom door.

I think “Oh, I’m gonna order this or send this,” and then it’s the day or two before they get out and I still have those great ideas and no gift ready to go.

If you’re anything like me, and you want to do something for your kids’ rock stars but only have seconds to spare, because you totally do not have it all together, here are 10 last-minute ideas that I think teachers might actually dig or appreciate.

Netflix Gift Card

Go to Walgreens and pick one of these bad boys up and have your child write a little card that says, “Thanks for showing up all year! We give you 5 stars.” Even if a teacher already has a subscription, they’ll love getting a few months paid for.

Donut Shop Gift Card

Or a box of your faves. Add a quick note: “We DO-NUT know what we’d do without you!”

Amazon Gift Card

Didja know you can go to Amazon.com and purchase a gift card to be emailed to the recipient? This works for anyone, no matter where you live! Have it sent straight to the teacher and they can pick their very own something special! Add this note to your order: “Hey teach, treat yo’self!”


Maybe with your kid’s picture taped onto it? Because teachers put up with a lot of whining from your kiddos throughout the year, right? And who doesn’t have a bottle on hand at home for the very last minute grab? Tape your kid’s photo on with a note that says, “Hoping your summer has less whining and more wining! From one of the reasons you might like wine…”

Coffee Card

Teachers have to be tired by the end of the year . . . get them a gift that says thanks a latte. Pick up a coffee gift card when you’re grabbing your morning cuppa joe on the go and slip a note with it that it’s been a real “perk” having them as a teacher.

Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card

Have you heard of Teachers Pay Teachers? It has resources that teachers can use from other teachers. And I’ll bet if your kiddo is in elementary, your teacher has at least glanced at this site a time or two. Gift your teacher a gift card for credits so they can save their own cash the next time they go to buy.


I know . . . flowers might kind of feel overdone, but places like GoZinnia do insanely gorgeous arrangements sent in burlap with a bow. Something kind of fun and different. Note to include: If teachers were flowers, I’d pick you!


Not just Hershey’s friends. Something delicious that you can order from anywhere like Lulubee or the Cordial Cherry. Even just three of these unique confections will be enough to say, “Thank you for being so sweet!”

Specialty Crate

This won’t get there on time but I’m here to tell you, a custom crate can be a great way to say thanks to your fave teacher for being “so crate through the entire year!” Check out a place like Special Day Crates and design your own for that teacher or para you adore.

Handwritten Note

A note from an adoring parent who is genuinely grateful is something many teachers will keep forever. Even a well-thought-out email is appreciated. Because most teachers don’t go into teaching for the financial reward, but rather because they just truly want to teach your children well.

So there you have it, 10 fine last-minute ideas to say thanks to all your awesome educators for another great year. I am a mom who totally doesn’t have it all together but these things are easy peasy chicken cheesy. And the best part to take some of the pressure off of yourself—teachers definitely don’t expect anything so even a smile and a thanks from the student in your family will be just right.

PS – Dear teacher, what you don’t see . . . 

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