You may not even know you’re doing it, but chances are you’re annoying at least one person you work with. You might even be someone’s workplace nemesis and not even know it.

I wish I could say I struggled to find content for this article. Instead, I had to narrow it down to just 10. Not all of these have happened in my current work situation, but sadly, some of them have happened in EVERY ONE of my work situations.

  1. Perfume/Cologne Overload: Sure, it’s better than B.O. but not by much if it’s overpowering. If you have a cloud of fragrance following you around like Pigpen from Charlie Brown, you have a problem. And so does everyone around you. (Especially the asthmatics!)
  2. Having Meetings at Your Desk: Sometimes this is necessary and sometimes it’s okay if it’s a quickie meeting or if you’re lucky enough to have a door to your office. But if you’re having a full-blown, hour-long meeting in your cube, that is not OK. I’ve even experienced multiple people sitting at their separate desks on the same conference call WITH THEIR PHONES ON SPEAKER. Just remember, there’s a reason conference rooms exist.
  3. Leaving Your Cell Phone Ringer On: Really? I can’t believe I have to include this one.
  4. Clipping Nails at Your Desk: If you broke a nail or have a hangnail or something, fine. But if you’re having a 20-minute grooming session in your cube just because you didn’t get to it over the weekend, gross.
  5. Eating: I get it. We’re all busy. Sometimes we have to eat at our desks to get stuff done. If that’s the case, make sure your lunch doesn’t stink, isn’t crunchy, and doesn’t require slurping. If your lunch has any of these characteristics, take it to the cafeteria where everyone else is crunching, slurping, and stinking it up.
  6. Not Clearing the Microwave Timer. Did you set it for 2 minutes and your leftover tuna noodle casserole only needed 1:47 to cook? Great. Now hit the Clear button. The next person is going to need more than 13 seconds. Also, you’d better be eating that casserole in the cafeteria!
  7. Making Crappy Coffee: At a previous workplace, a friend of mine and I made the best coffee. Then someone posted directions on how to make the coffee, which included adding half the amount of coffee than we did. We kept revising the directions back and forth until finally he relented and wrote: “For Weaker Coffee…” If you make a pot and it isn’t gone by lunchtime that means you suck at making coffee. Leave it to someone else.
  8. Stealing Food from the Breakroom Fridge: Shame on you! This isn’t a commune or a food bank. I documented a situation on social media where someone kept stealing my creamer from the refrigerator. This went on for months. Each time I brought in a new container I would put my initials on it. I finally wrote, “Are your initials HVK?” (Kish being my maiden name.) He still didn’t stop until a friend of mine caught him and called him out on it.
  9. Leaving Signs in Bathrooms and Breakrooms: “Please Wash Your Hands. Some People Are Not Doing This.” “Please Clean Up After Yourself.” Sure, there are people in the office who are disgusting. Your sign isn’t going to make them finally come to the realization that they’re slobs. They’re not going to change because of your sign. Thanks anyway, Mom.
  10. Not Washing Your Hands After Using the Bathroom: Eww. Don’t make me post a sign.

So if you’re wondering why that person is sitting in her cube with yogurt, bananas, and other quiet snacks while wearing earbuds and nose plugs, just remember, a little consideration goes a loooooooooooong way.

Heather Buentello

After working as a technical writer for over 15 years, Heather finally found a way to combine her love of creative writing with her love of food and launched her food blog, Dredge and Drizzle. While the photography aspect of food blogging was a huge learning curve, she embraced the challenge and looks for ways to improve her craft a little bit each day. Heather lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband Rudy and their youngest son Sullivan (Sully). Three young adult children (Cassidy, Zach, and Ethan) pop in and out once in awhile to see what's cookin'.