Christmas is only in few weeks away. It’s a magical holiday but for many, it’s a holiday where many people aren’t feeling very cheerful, let alone wanting to spend Christmas joy.

This time of year can be extra hard for when you’re struggling to pay bills, are coping with the loss of a loved one, have seasonal affective disorder, depression, or aren’t able to see your family due to distance, past disagreements, or illness.

If you are lacking your own Christmas joy or are wanting to spread some to others, here are 20 ways to spread Christmas joy!

1. Volunteer to be a Salvation Army bell-ringer.

This is a great way to raise money for the Salvation Army and to teach your kids about serving other people! Contact your local Salvation Army to set up your own time!

2. Donate toys to underprivileged children.

My kids enjoy choosing gifts for children their own ages. We set a budget and then they shop. It truly is better to give than receive.

3. Reconcile a broken relationship.

I realize this may be impossible in some cases, but wouldn’t life be more joyful with forgiveness and love? What can you do to make amends?

4. Give where you live.

What local charity could use your help by donating your time or energy to improve their organization? Please consider local shelters, churches, libraries, or boys and girls clubs.

5. Go Christmas caroling.

Gather your child’s youth group, sports team, or coworkers and sing your way to a joyful Christmas!

6. Take cookies or cards to senior citizens.

It’s so fun to bless seniors with cards and cookies! Some don’t have family and this might be the only gift they receive. 

7. Smile and greet people with a “Merry Christmas”.

We live in a very politically correct world. Spread some Christmas joy by actually reminding people what this season is all about.

8. Deliver a Christmas meal to shut-ins.

Who do you know that can’t make it to church or to see family? What a blessing to share what we have with others!

9. Leave a treat for your mail person, UPS, and Fed Ex drivers.

If you do a lot of online gift ordering reward your delivery person with a Christmas treat!

10. Wrap presents for elderly neighbors!

Many elderly people have arthritis and could really use your help! Enjoy some conversation and friendship while you help out!

11. Donate hats, mittens, and winter clothing to your local homeless shelter.

Being cold is miserable. Pick up a few pairs of gloves and some hats to spread some warmth!

12. Deliver small treats to the local cancer treatment shelter.

Hats, scarves, and hard candies are just a few ideas to get you started!

13. Help neighbors put up their Christmas decorations.

This can be hard for elderly, pregnant, sick, or even families with babies! 

14. Sponsor a Compassion International child.

We sponsor a little boy from Honduras and my entire family enjoys updates from Luis! For a little less than $40 a month we are making a difference in his life!

15. Send letters to missionaries.

Missionaries often are away from their family and friends. 

16. Donate treats to your local pet shelter!

Many pet shelters need blankets, toys, and food for the dogs and cats staying there. If you have a heart for animals, this is a great way to spread Christmas joy!

17. Mail care packages to service men and women thanking them for their sacrifices.

Service men and women sacrifice everyday they’re away from their own family, putting their lives in danger. Mail a care package to show your appreciation and gratitude!

18. Pack Operation Christmas Child boxes.

This is fun to do with your kids.Challenge each other to see how much you can pack in your box! 

19. Play secret Santa to a family in need.

There are many families who just can’t afford Christmas. Spread some Christmas joy by purchasing a Christmas meal and or gifts for a family in need. It might be the most rewarding thing you’ve done all year!

20. Deliver hot chocolate to Salvation Army bell ringers!

Pick a cold, snowy day and deliver some smiles to those trying to help others!

What do you do to spread Christmas joy?


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