The school year is winding down. The weather’s warming up and the days are getting longer. But my kids are still little glassy-eyed screen-time zombies.

During the winter, our TV time increases. It becomes a habit. A go-to. And I don’t feel guilty in the least. But how can I feel okay with letting blue-light bathe their precious faces, when they should be soaking up the warm, vitamin D laden rays of the sun instead?

I can’t.

So let’s get creative.

101 Ideas for Screen-Free Fun

101 ideas for screen-free fun:

Sunny days

  1. pick wildflowers
  2. take a walk
  3. draw with sidewalk chalk
  4. go cloud watching
  5. have a picnic

Rainy days

  1. read a book
  2. go puddle jumping
  3. have a tea and toast party
  4. watch raindrops race down the window
  5. set out an indoor picnic
  6. lie in bed and listen to the rain on the roof

Night time

  1. make flashlight shadows
  2. have a campfire
  3. make s’mores on the grill
  4. play glow stick tag
  5. count the stars
  6. catch fireflies
  7. take out the sparklers

Get in touch with nature:

  1. relax and do some bird watching
  2. classify trees
  3. search for bugs
  4. try leaf rubbings
  5. watch the bees
  6. roll down a hill
  7. play in the dirt
  8. catch frogs

Get to know yourself

  1. start a journal
  2. imagine yourself in 5 years
  3. write a short autobiography
  4. draw a self portrait
  5. do some mindfulness exercises

Be creative

  1. write a song
  2. make paper flowers
  3. bake cookies
  4. write a poem
  5. design your dream home
  6. paint old boards with washable paint

Day trips and dates:

  1. visit a local aquarium or zoo
  2. go out for ice cream
  3. have a beach day
  4. take a coffee shop trip
  5. play at an indoor playground
  6. play at an outdoor playground
  7. visit a farm or pet store
  8. visit a historic building or shrine

Get moving

  1. race around the yard
  2. try some new rump rope tricks
  3. take a bike ride
  4. have a dance party in the living room
  5. set up a relay race
  6. make a backyard obstacle course

Cool down time

  1. play with a bucket of ice in the yard
  2. “paint” the house with water
  3. play with measuring cups and a bucket of water
  4. make ice cream
  5. wash the car
  6. rest under a shade tree
  7. have a spray bottle battle
  8. play with the hose
  9. toss water balloons

Calm down activities

  1. stretch together
  2. close your eyes and imagine
  3. give each other backrubs
  4. sing a song
  5. pray or meditate

Go a little crazy

  1. start a whipped cream fight
  2. have a pillow fight
  3. pretend you’re a tickle monster
  4. play leap frog
  5. have cardboard sword fights

For toddlers

  1. practice somersaults
  2. play pattycake
  3. sing nursery rhymes
  4. organize the Tupperware drawer
  5. color in some good old coloring books
  6. play pretend
  7. play dress up

For young girls

  1. have a fashion show
  2. paint your nails
  3. make a fairy garden
  4. tell fairy tales
  5. make a construction paper costume

For young boys

  1. play legos
  2. play good guy/bad guy dress up
  3. have a staring contest
  4. build a recycled robot
  5. have a matchbox cars race
  6. build a blanket fort
  7. do a dinosaur dig (bury fake dinos in the yard)

For teens

  1. clean the yard together
  2. play board games
  3. put on a play
  4. go to the skate park
  5. rearrange the bedroom
  6. have a spa day

For groups and friends

  1. play capture the flag
  2. organize a scavenger hunt
  3. start a game of tug of war
  4. get some energy out with old-fashioned tag
  5. have a three legged race
  6. play hide-and-seek

Download this free printable list and hang it on your fridge to remind you to try these awesome ideas.

101 ideas for screen-free fun printable
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What are your favorite screen-free-fun activities? I’m always on the hunt for something fun and new, and I’d love to hear your ideas! Inspire me in the comments section.

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