Being a mom is hard work and my days are full of failures, and I mean full. Sometimes they can get to me, other days I just have to laugh at the things I do. I want to confess some of my “stuff” to all the mommas out there! You are not the only ones.

These are my confessions:

1. My daughter’s pacifiers drop on the ground approximately 86,472,235 times a day. I just check them for dog hair and pop ’em back in.

2. On the weekends I take loooooooooong showers since daddy has the babe.

3. Sometimes my teeth don’t get brushed until noon.

4. I Amazon Prime like a boss from the couch.

5. I leave my daughter in her night diaper way too long because sometimes I am too tired to remember to change it.

6. I left a load of wet laundry in the washing machine for 4 days. It did not smell nice.

7. I videoed my gal’s poop face and sent it to the hubs the other day. We laugh every. time.

8. I’m suppose to be losing weight, but I had two donuts for breakfast the other day.

9. I gave up the fight of stopping my daughter from playing with the dog toys. I at least make her have a pacifier in her mouth so she doesn’t suck on them though. That’s a win… right?

10. Our remotes are covered in drool because I gave up that fight too. I’m so weak!

11. Saturday last week, I reheated my coffee three times. And I still never finished it!

12. I still wear quite a few of my maternity shirts and pants. They are just so comfortable and they hide my leftover tummy.

13. We literally did 99% of our Christmas shopping online this year. Amazon Prime is the best! We even had all of my family’s gifts shipped to my parent’s house so we don’t have to pack them.

14. I beat my standing record of times the same load has been dried. That’s four rounds of “fluffing” for one load people!

15. My daughter has learned how to kiss and recently her favorite thing to kiss is our dog. Meaning her mouth is wide open and the dog just licks her. It’s gross, but kind of adorable. Before you judge, I only let it happen like five times before I put an end to it. That’s a #momwin!


It’s in times like these that I am so thankful for God’s grace and really strong coffee! And it’s also when I wonder why in the world I still have baby fever!

Tavia Smith

Hi, I’m Tavia! I'm saved by grace, a wife, new mom, and lover of coffee and donuts! During the week, I'm a hustle and bustle fourth grade teacher but in my (limited) spare time, you can find me working on my blog Everyday Smith, http:// I am a homebody by nature and if I could, I would spend all my time at home with my husband, little girl and our two dogs!