March 27th, 1993 is the day I was brought into this world. I have spent the past 21 years secure, sheltered, and loved by my parents. Today I am sitting in my room away from home feeling insecure and unsure of what the future may hold.

I spent the summer at home, and truthfully I was counting down the days to be back at Nebraska Wesleyan. On Monday I will begin the final chapter of my education as I start my senior year of college. I love being home and seeing my family, but I also need to be on my own and back in my own routine. When I began looking for schools everyone would say that you really become an adult in college- I disagree with that. I have definitely matured while away at school and have discovered a lot about myself, but I am definitely nowhere near being a “grown up”.

I spend my days constantly learning whether I am in class, reading a book, or researching for a paper. Countless hours of gaining new information and yet there is still so much that I don’t know. I started my job and apartment search for when I graduate in May just to get an idea of what is out there. I was reading through lease agreements and benefit package terms and didn’t understand most of it (they really should teach you these things in school by they way). My immediate instinct was to ask my mom but, I’m making an effort to figure this one out on my own.

A few days ago I asked mom if they make a “How to Be a Grown-Up for Dummies” book because if they do, I need it! I have 9 months until I am officially out on my own with a real job, my own apartment/house, bills, and student loans. I’m quite terrified but also incredibly excited.

Although I still need my parents, they have pushed me in the right direction to be independent and responsible. Sure, I still need their help and need to learn new things (like changing the air filter in your house- does everyone but me know about this?), but I am taking it all one step at a time.

I meet so many students in college who cut out their parents and refuse to include them in their life. That’s not me. I am 21 and I still need my parents. I would be lost without them.

As I sit in my room away from home I think about the past 21 years and how they have shaped me for the next journey of my life. Although I am unsure and sometime fearful of what the future may hold, I know that my parents will be waiting for me with words of wisdom.

Taylor Cannon

Taylor was born in San Diego and grew up in Kearney, NE. From a young age Taylor has been environmentally cautious and concerned about social justice. She recently graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln. Taylor has a passion for photography and volunteering. She hopes to encourage others to take action and become involved in both their local and global communities. Learn more about Taylor's photography at her facebook page: