Over the past six years I have done 1,872 loads of laundry. Now, that is an estimate, but a pretty accurate one by my account. I. HATE. LAUNDRY. Seriously, why is the job never done?! Why do these people have to wear so many clothes? And don’t get me started on socks. I have literally thrown away baskets full of single socks because their match has been lost in the great abyss that consumes all socks (but only one in each pair!). This hatred is not good for me, and it isn’t good for my family. So I set out to find ways to praise Jesus while doing laundry. Knowing when I praise Him, I cannot be down or negative because it is Him that gives me Joy!

Sing a praise song while gathering the dirty laundry.

I don’t know how gathering dirty clothes works in your home, but in my home, each room, and therefore person, has his/ her own laundry basket. The small people are not yet to the age they can do their own laundry, so the task is solely on me. I get to venture into each child’s room and scoop up their baskets all while trying not to step on Lego’s or Elsa’s high heels despite not being able to see my feet! This is no easy task. But to lighten my mood, and warn the children Momma’s coming for laundry, I begin to sing my favorite praise song. It’s usually whichever one happens to be in my head at the moment. If the day has been especially trying, I’ll put my headphones in and crank it up. It always helps take the yuck out of the task, and trust me, with a four-year-old boy there is a lot of yuck when gathering the dirty clothes!

Ask for forgiveness of my sins, while treating stains.

Knowing Christ and walking with him means my sins are forgiven. Treating the ketchup, chocolate, or dirt stain, for me, is always hit or miss. Sometimes the clothes come out perfect, and other times I swear my washing machine adds stains! But this is not the case for God’s children. We are always forgiven, and His grace abounds. Taking this tedious and sometimes frustrating task, and using it as an opportunity to treat my soul with confession and repentance has been amazing for me and my relationship with my Lord.

Switching the laundry over.

This is my third most hated part of laundry. It took quite a bit to find Jesus in this task, but I did! This is when I pray for my eyes and heart to be more like His. I want to know if I need to make a switch in the way I feel about something or someone, or the way I view something or someone. This task is quick, but this exercise can be convicting and life changing!

Pulling the clothes out of the dryer.

This is my favorite part of laundry. Especially on the rare day that I catch the dryer warm (let’s be honest, this only happens after I’ve re-dried to avoid ironing!). I love the warm and snuggly clothes. I pray my faith and walk will be a comfort to others. That I will be the warm and snuggly place the down trodden and exhausted come to, and that I can be Jesus on Earth for them in that moment.


This is the last step of laundry for me. Ha! I’m sitting here in my living room looking at a couch piled high of clean folded clothes waiting for the laundry-put-away-Fairy to come. Crazy girl, never shows up. While folding my family’s clothes, I pray for them. I pray for the baby’s teething while rolling his onesie. I pray for my daughter’s anxious heart while folding over her tutu. I pray for my son’s obedience while folding his footed pajamas. And I pray for my husband’s faith and resolve while laying out his shirts.

I’m so blessed to have these people, and the means by which to clothe them! What is your most dreaded chore, and what are some ways you can praise Jesus in them?

Adrienne Barnes

Adrienne is a wife, and homeschooling momma to three crazy kids. She enjoys reality T.V., chocolate, coffee, and a well cooked meal. She is a freelance copywriter at Adrienne Nakohl Copywriting, and loves writing pieces that are humorous and inspirational. Her love language is physical touch and acts of service, so hugs and doing the dishes are a great way into her heart. To see more of her see http://adriennenakohl.com.