Summers are about catching up on everything that gets pushed aside during the school year: deep cleaning, time with my boys, special projects and SLEEP. 

Well, sleep was included until last summer. 

Somehow, before my body had adjusted to my summer schedule, I woke up at my normal early hour, made a cup of coffee and headed outside to let the boys’ 4-H goats graze in our yard. 

And that was it! I was hooked! 

Watching these four-legged kids gallop and play became a habit that replaced my summer sleep-in schedule. As the goats became more adventurous, they decided the grass was greener on the other side of our frequently traveled dirt road, so I grabbed my lawn chair and sat in the middle of it. At first, our neighbors appeared startled to see me in my sweat pants and grubby t-shirt on a lawn chair in the road, but eventually they adjusted. Sometimes they stopped to visit and watched my goats play. I became the subject of numerous kind-hearted jokes about the crazy goat lady who sits in the middle of the road.

Mostly though, I just drink my coffee and talk to the goats and to God. I pray for my kids, the two-legged ones, and just sit in silence enjoying the blessing of living in the country where dirt roads are travelled by friends and a lawn chair is my daily church pew. I’ve noticed that my attitude on the days I begin with my quiet time is much more patient and relaxed. I wonder how I survived before when I woke up to a house full of testosterone already flowing. 

When school began again, one of the summer luxuries I missed the most was my early morning goat watching. The goats went back to the goat herd or were sold, and school responsibilities crowded into my schedule. I still tried to make time for coffee and my God chats, but without the goats and my lawn chair, it just wasn’t the same. I had to find other reasons to get out of bed in the mornings before my alarm clock told me I absolutely needed to be awake.

I realize few people have the opportunity to wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee with rambunctious goats, but we can all find that one motivation to start the day with alone time. In a world that seems to turn faster and faster, we can all benefit from stopping for a moment each day and refocusing on what really matters. For me, all I need is some coffee, a lawn chair, and some goats.

Motivation For Each Morning

Motivation For Each Morning

Kristi Bose

Kristi Bose teaches English and drama at Southern Valley High School in South Central Nebraska. She and her husband Michael have four boys ages four to fifteen. They live in the country where they raise show pigs, a small cattle herd, and a few goats. She enjoys fishing in the river behind their house, reading, traveling and spending time with her family.