We all have hard days. You know, those days where your alarm didn’t go off, the car wouldn’t start, the baby had a dirty diaper right when you were walking out the door, your boss gave you a huge workload all needing done today, and you got a speeding ticket on the way home.

When life is hard and complicated, how do you respond? Do you let yourself be angry, sad, blame others, or feel sorry for yourself? How do you get over those bad days?

Do you wish that you were happier and don’t know how to get there? Here are 5 ways to stay positive when things are hard!

1. Practice Gratitude By Appreciating Life

I love my new planner for 2015 because at the bottom of each day are 4 blank small lines. Each night, I write down something that I’m grateful for, that was funny, a kid memory I want to remember, or whatever made me smile that day. Maybe it was a beautiful sunset, fall leaves, or a winter snow. Nature is always inspiring (even if you aren’t crazy about the cold weather or a summer day that’s too hot to go outside). When I’m having a really hard day, it’s always encouraging to look back at what I’ve written to give me a little extra boost of happiness.

2. Focus on the solution instead of your problem.

A key to staying positive is to focus on the solution to your problem instead of the problem itself. For example, if you are having financial problems, quit thinking about how broke you are or what you can’t have. Look for solutions! Can you sell something that you own and no longer use? Can you cut Sunday coupons to save on groceries? Can you ask a family member or a friend for help?

I am a solution seeker. I am always looking for ways I can change in order to improve the situation. Brainstorm ideas, write down your ideas and goals where you see them frequently, and get to work on your solutions!

3. Find anything that was positive that happened during the day.

Some days stink. But all days have one thing that was positive. Maybe all you can come up with is that you survived the day. That’s a positive! A bad day only lasts 24 hours and we wake up and begin a new one. When you learn to focus on the positive things that happen during your day, you will be happier!

4. Practice Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is so important! Each month on Women With Intention I publish a free monthly self-care calendar. (You can download January’s here!)

5. Serve Others

“If you really want to receive joy and happiness, then serve others with all your heart. Lift their burden, and your own burden will be lighter.” Ezra Taft Benson

One of the best ways to stay positive when things are hard is by helping others. Everyone has problems and is struggling with something. Some people never show their struggles on the outside, but they still have them. By serving others you are able to step out and focus on helping someone else, which not only feels good but also helps you appreciate what you do have. I have found personally that by serving others, I am always blessed in return.

How do you stay positive when things are hard?


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