I shouldn’t be writing this post. I’m not old and wise, I haven’t taken a lifetime worth of notes to pass on – I’m 2 months away from turning 26-years-old. But for as long as I can remember, I felt like I had life all figured out, learning way too young that the truth is, none of us will ever really figure it out.

We learn and grow, experience joy and trials, and each moment will teach us something new if we keep our hearts open. I think it’s our responsibility to share what we’ve experienced with each other. I imagine that I’ll look back in a few years and have a lot more to add, but these are 7 things that I’m absolutely certain of right now.

  1. Sex will never make someone love you. I have a mental list with way too many names on it to prove it. If you want to have sex just for the fun of it, go for it – no judgment here! But if you’re making an attempt to win someone’s heart by way of their pants, you’re in for a major heartbreak… or 30 of them.
  2. Tattoos really do last forever. I love tattoos and think they are a great way to make something you love a part of you, but I advise you not to grab a pre-made picture off the tattoo parlor wall. Make sure it means something, and make sure it will mean something tomorrow. By the way, it’s very expensive to get a tribal butterfly tattoo removed from your entire lower back.
  3. Making fun of someone else does not make you cool. I think we’ve all gone through that Mean Girls phase where being a bullying was a badge of honor. I also hope that we’ve learned that it’s not. Incase you’re still of the mindset that bullying, making fun of others, or dragging people down is a way to make yourself look better, please take this to heart: it’s not. I spent a lot of years being bullied, and then a lot more years bullying others because I thought it would take the focus off of me. It only left me feeling bad and others feeling worse. Be kind, and if that doesn’t make you look cool, you’re probably not around the right people.
  4. Take care of your body, it comes with you…forever. I used to think that I could eat whatever I wanted, drink in excess, not eat, eat garbage, not exercise, and that all would be okay. I was young and healthy, that stuff wouldn’t catch up with me. Until one day it did. I was 20 pounds over weight at my 21st birthday party, I couldn’t climb the stairs without a break because of my pack-a-day habit. Your body can endure a lot, but the better care you take of it now, the better it will be able to carry you through life. Don’t wait on this one, every day counts.
  5. Christians are just normal people who love Jesus. I spent a lot of time hating religion and Christians because of who I expected them to be – better than me. Just because Christians love a perfect God doesn’t make them perfect. We’re all just people. Don’t let anyone’s behavior sway you from a relationship with God, and don’t expect a religion to set a standard. Often times it should, but that doesn’t mean it does.
  6. Spend more time thinking about who you want to be than what you want to be when you grow up. A college degree, a career, letters after your name are great, but you take yourself with you wherever you go and whatever you do. Don’t forget to become someone that you’re proud of, and the rest will follow.
  7. You will never use Algebra. I promise.

Olivia Grist

Hey there! My name is Olivia Grist. I’m a follower of Jesus, who constantly provides me more than I could ever deserve. I’m also a wife to my high-school sweetheart and dog mom to 3 furry kids. I am a fitness coach who has a new found love for all things creative. I like to write about the messy, chaotic, crazy days that make up this beautiful life on my blog http://oliviagrist.com/ and when I’m not plugged into my online world, you can find me roaming the aisles of Target or binging on the newest Netflix series.