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I was a little unsure
As I left God’s warm embrace:
What will it be like?
What challenges will I face?

There were so many questions
Running through my mind.
I asked around for the answers
I was hoping to find.

Who will hold me
And cuddle me tight?
Who will rock me
To sleep at night?

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Who will comfort me
When I’ve had a rough day?
Who will be there
To take my worries away?

Who will nourish me
And make sure I grow?
Who will read to me
And teach me what I need to know?

I peeked over
And what did I see?
It was God,
Offering the sweetest smile to me.

At that very moment
I felt a new warm embrace.
Your arms wrapped tightly around me,
My eyes locked in to your beautiful face.

I treasured this moment,
As I heard you say:
My sweet baby,
We’ve been waiting for this day.

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You held me close,
And didn’t let go.
I didn’t know then,
But now I know . . .

You would always be there
To cuddle and rock.
You would always be there
To comfort and talk.

You would be my source of nutrients
And always keep me fed.
You would bring a smile to my face
With each book you read.

I see now why God just smiled
on that day I had to go,
He knew what was waiting for me
On Earth down below.

A woman with patience,
Thoughtfulness, and care.
A woman with whom
This life I get to share.

That woman is you, Mom.
And I’ll say this too,
I thank God everyday
That He paired me with you.

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Sarah Hoene

I am a mom to four children and a wife to a hardworking husband. Together, we strive to create a simple and purposeful life.

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