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From the moment I knew you were growing inside of me, I was completely enthralled and instantly in love. Though unexpected, the news was beyond exciting. I think your daddy may have been even more excited than me . . . if that’s even possible. A few weeks later, I finally got to see your perfect little body and hear your precious little heart beating for the first time. For a woman who always has something to say, I was speechless. It is a feeling I will never forget and will always treasure.

At that moment, you changed my life forever. I am far from perfect, but I assure you I will try my best every single day to be the greatest mom I can be. The mom you deserve.

Remember, as you grow and learn, I am learning too. We will both make mistakes, but I promise to love you through even the hardest lessons learned. In fact, I will love you even more. I will guide you in the right direction, you just have to listen and trust me to do so. I will protect you fiercely and fearlessly.

I promise to encourage you to be your own person and to have confidence in yourself. To own your weirdness and your quirks, and whatever else it is that makes you different. 

I will push you to take chances even when it scares me. I’ll also remind you to always consider the consequences of your choices.

I promise to sing you to . . . a lot. 

I will teach you about the power of words and the magnificent beauty inside a great book. Remember, books are something to be cherished. 

I promise to remember it is my job to set a good example. 

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I will urge you to be creative and see the beauty in a world that can be so dark and vile.

You will come to see that you have the world’s best dad as a role model. He will teach you everything you need to know about being a man and how to treat a lady. 

I will encourage you to talk to me, and I will listen with open ears, an open mind, and an open heart. I’ll also respect the fact that there will be times when you’d rather be left alone.

Life isn’t always perfect happiness, but hard times always get easier. Perseverance will always prevail.

You will know happiness because you will see it and feel it inside your home.

I will be truthful with you even when it’s hard for you to hear. Likewise, I will teach you that honesty and respect are invaluable. 

I will teach you to stand up for yourself but also help you see that sometimes it’s better to be silent and simply walk away. 

I promise to be patient and understanding and allow you to express yourself.

I promise to spend time with you and make time for you to spend alone with your dad. 

Regardless of how much it annoys you as you get older, I promise to capture as many moments as I can in a photo. 

I will teach you the significance of admitting you’re wrong by doing so myself. With the help of your dad, I’ll teach you what a happy and healthy relationship looks like, so you’ll never settle for anything less. You will see that your dad and I are a team, and we always will be. 

I promise to teach you that showing and embracing your emotions does not make you weak. In fact, it shows strength. Whatever you are feeling at any given moment is OK because they are your feelings. I will laugh with you, and I will cry with you.

I will be hard on you because I want what is best for you, and I know what you’re capable of. You are capable of greatness. 

I promise to teach you to love yourself first. I will teach you the impact of a first impression, and more notably, a lasting impression.

I promise to demonstrate empathy and kindness so you can do the same.

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I will teach you to be a good friend, to choose your friends wisely, and to stay away from negativity. 

I promise to teach you to be resourceful and independent. To act, think for, and count on yourself.

I’ll teach you that the most valuable rule is the golden rule.

We will have dinner together as a family each night, and we will make time to be lazy on the weekends. 

I’ll teach you that actions speak louder than words, and words can never be taken back. Choose them wisely. 

I will be your biggest fan and greatest supporter. I will try not to push you to take an opportunity merely because it’s one I failed to take.

You, my love, are the greatest gift I’ve ever been given, and I will never lose sight of that.

I promise you will be surrounded by love each day. I will drive you crazy, but your dad will always be there to save you. I’m already so proud to be your mom, and I will never let you forget how much I love you. You’ll always know the feeling of unconditional love, and that’s because you will also be raised in a home that loves Jesus. We will go to church as a family on Sundays and thank the Lord each day for our many blessings. We will practice kindness, forgiveness, and most of all . . . love. 

I love you so very much my sweet, sweet baby boy.



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