I use to be fun and carefree. A fancy restaurant and a night on the town was right up my alley—but I no longer appear to be that woman. I lost her the day I became a mother. 

I have traded in my size 0 pants for a one-size-fits-all.

The long curly hair that my you fell in love with now stays in a messy bun.

The Mini Cooper was traded in for a mini van.

The lingerie is collecting dust somewhere in a drawer.

Conversations are no longer about the future but about who pooped and when.

The kids get all of the snuggles and you are left with a woman who wants to be untouched.

The evenings downtown have turned into nights in front of the TV . . . usually with a sleeping baby somewhere nearby.

The carefree women you married is now more stressed out than you remember.

So my question for you, husband: can you still find the woman you fell in love with? Can you still see her? 

Is the woman you are married to now a trade-up or a downgrade? 

I am learning who this new woman is, as well. I do not always recognize her myself. 

I’ll admit, it’s a little scary feeling lost inside of yourself. 

I hope you love her as much as the woman you married.

I hope you will grow with her and not away from her.

I hope you will love her in all of her forms.

I hope you continue to lead her to the Lord.

I hope you will always know how much she loves you.

Husband, I may still be getting to know who I am in this role as wife and mother, but always know you are the only one I would ever want to live this life with. 

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Ashleigh Beaver

My name is Ashleigh and I am the mother of two sweet children on earth and two babies in heaven. I am married to my high school sweetheart and live in NC.