Baby wearing is more than a trend, it’s been around for centuries. Different cultures around the world carried their young ones in slings, carrying cloths, or baskets so that mothers have the freedom of movement.

Over the years, it’s becoming an increasing trend in modern times. Why? It’s practical for any mom. Dads too. Front, back, and side, baby wearing has made a comeback. Since my little one was born, I wore him in my baby Boba wrap (Retails around $40), snuggled close to my chest. I swear by it, and here are my reasons why I love baby wearing.

Bonding time. There is no secret that babies, especially newborns, love the sound of their mother’s heartbeat. Wrapping your baby close to your heart gives baby a megaphone to their favorite sound. Plus, it keeps baby warm and snuggly on cold winter days.

You have both hands free. Yes, there is a way to get work done around the house with a newborn who never wants to be put down. It gets better; you can baby wear in public. Super easy. Take your wrap or carrier any place you go. With baby secure to your chest and your hands free, grocery shopping is made easier. Those loads of laundry can get done faster. Take a quick walk with baby, without hauling a heavy stroller around. I take my Ergobaby carrier (retails around $100) in restaurants so I can eat freely while baby hangs out in his carrier.

Baby wearing is safe. Even for newborns. At first, I was scared to use my wrap. Will my baby fall out? What if I don’t use the wrap correctly and my baby gets hurt? That can happen, but before you start using a wrap or carrier, its best to practice. I turned to You Tube for help. After a few trial runs in the house, I was confident enough to take baby out in public, with no fears of him slipping out of the wrap. Tip: baby wraps may loosen a bit, but keep tightening the wrap as you go.

Baby sleeps soundly. If your little one needs a quick nap, put baby in the wrap. When my little one needed sleep and his rocker or crib were not working, the Boba wrap did the trick. Having baby wrapped close to your chest and while moving, rocks baby to sleep.

A wrap or carrier can be used for babies of all ages. I found my Boba wrap was perfect when my son was a newborn. Now, I use the carrier, with comfortable straps and multiple carrying positions, as he grows into babyhood.

You can find wraps or carriers at most retail stores, baby boutiques (Milkworks in Lincoln), and online. Price and style is up to the individual, but there are many options to choose from. I’ve mentioned the two options (wrap & carrier) and brands (Boba & Ergobaby) that I’ve used and there are plenty more out there. An old backpack will do too, as my mother used with me because I was a baby, that never, ever wanted to be put down and that was the only way to get work done around the house.

For more information on the benefits of baby wearing, click on the links below.


Kate Hula

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