I have been up since 4 this morning…just because I had never seen a blood moon. This lunar eclipse was exciting to watch…and turns out that it was a great time to reconnect with my better half.

It is no surprise that sometimes we feel disconnected….work, chores, kids…the time flies by and there is suddenly no time to talk. When we were dating, we used to drive out in the country and watch the stars. We would often visit  Sachtleben Observatory, near Hastings, and take what we learned out to view and talk. Yep, think deep thoughts….that was how we connected.

Early this morning, we had that kind of connection. I was able to explain my photography passion, and we talked about life. Hopes. Dreams. What we wish we could do, and wish we had done. 

Hmm, cups of cocoa, my camera, and a lunar eclipse….the recipe for a closer marriage.

 Enjoy the view from my camera.


Dotti Gramke

Dotti was born and raised in Southwest Wyoming and moved to Nebraska after falling head-over-heels for a Nebraska boy in college; and married him. She is the mother of two beautiful girls. In the past, Dotti has worked as a reporter for two different Nebraska newspapers, as well as a freelance writer. She is an active photographer, and her art was shown in a gallery in Wyoming, in a display of Nebraska Photographers at the Hastings Museum and as the feature artist at the Minden Opera House. If you don't see her with her camera or her family, you might find Dotti at home--chasing chickens and cows.