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Enjoy these gorgeous images from our friend + HVFH feature writer, Carrie.  

Congrats to you, Carrie on your gorgeous, fantastic, most fabulous wedding!

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My deepest apologies in advance. but Stacy Ideus (our photographer) is a magical unicorn and has made it simply impossible to narrow it down much more than this. So blame Stacy. It’s all her fault. You will have to endure two whole wedding posts. Let the over sharing commence.

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INVITES: Porridge Papers

VENUE: Spencer Hill Cabins

PHOTOGRAPHY: Stacy Ideus Photography

CUPCAKES: Le Cupcake

PIE: My mother-in-law and other generous helpers

MUSIC: Sandy Creek Bluegrass

LINENS: Elite Events Rental

HER DRESS: My mom’s (made-over by Nadine Noker, seamstress extraordinaire)

HIS SUIT: Emsud’s Clothiers

FLORAL: Whole Foods bulk and found at the venue (our floral budget was a whopping $50)

DISH/FURNITURE RENTAL: Nostalgia Rentals (a shout out, hug and high five to Jessica for having impeccable taste)

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Carrie Christensen

Hi, I'm Carrie! I reside in the lovely Lincoln, Nebraska with my husband Gunnar, cat Mr. Bibbs, and dog Brodie. We are new to Nebraska, hailing from Colorado, originally from the Midwest, and happy as clams to be back in the land of four seasons. When I’m not blogging you can find me working at my dream job at the Lied Center for Performing Arts, cooking vegetarian food, traveling, bicycling and canoeing... at the same time! Glad you’re here!