Yep spring.

Even though I woke up to this.IMG_3940

After two weeks of spring-like weather, five inches of snow was not how I (or my kids) wanted to start the Monday after spring break. Yet here we are. Sigh.

So to distract myself I am going to share my thoughts with you on fat. Yep, that should cheer me right up.

As a girl growing up in the 90’s I heard the same message that I’m sure you did if you were awake during the previous four decades- fat is bad. Fat makes you fat. Fat is bad for your heart. Women especially should not eat fat. 

If I were to tell you my entire journey full circle to loving and embracing fat as a part of a healthy (yep, you read that right) diet we would be here for a while, and it isn’t that exciting. I will tell you that before I made that change I was a hormonal, moody, anxious mess most of the time who carried about 40lbs of excess weight that I couldn’t loose, no matter what I did. Once I embraced fat my moods and energy stabilized and I lost 10lbs without trying. And without going on too much of a nutrition info bender, science backs me up. Studies have shown that people who eat less fat (often by subbing “low fat” products for full fat) actually weigh more because they consume more calories. Fat delivers important nutrients to the body, many of which are key for hormone function in women. And fat helps us feel full and satisfied.

All this to say- this recipe has mayo in it and I still consider it to be a healthy side dish. Mayo and BACON. Not only are these “just okay” in moderation in a healthy diet, but they actually help your body to absorb the nutrients in the broccoli. 

Broccoli Salad
Serves 6
  1. 4 slices cooked bacon, chopped
  2. 2 heads broccoli
  3. 1 cup raisins
  4. 3/4 cup unsalted shelled sunflower seeds
  5. 1/2 cup chopped red onion
  6. 1/2 cup (or so) mayonnaise (I like to make my own, it's easier than you think)
  7. 1 T. maple syrup OR 3-4 drops liquid stevia
  8. 2 T. apple cider or white vinegar
  1. Chop broccoli and onion into bite sized pieces and place in a large bowl. Add sunflower seeds and raisins and mix to combine. In another bowl combine mayonnaise, syrup or stevia, and vinegar. Stir into broccoli mixture. If you like it saucier, feel free to add more mayo (I usually do!). Refrigerate until ready to serve.
Her View From Home
 I regularly make a batch (or double batch) of this to keep in the fridge and eat throughout the week. And if you want to try making your own mayo, check out this video.

Happy spring! Because, you know, if I keep saying that the snow will go away, right?

Brandis Roush

I am a well traveled Nebraska native who now resides in central Minnesota. My husband and I have been married just over ten years and have three unbelievably smart, beautiful children. As a family we love any outdoor activity, going to movies, reading good books, and enjoying all the fairs, festivals, and other awesome activites the areas has to offer during the 6 months it is not a frozen tundra. I graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Secondary Education before following my husband to three different states. Since then I have received an additional certification in Early Childhood Education, started a small chicken farm, and opened a small business on Etsy. One of my many mottos is “know better, do better” so I spend much of my spare time doing research on the many decisions I must make as a parent, a business owner, a board member, a spouse, or simply as an adult and I love passing some of that information on to my readers.