Written and photographed by Andrea Kelley. 

Fine Art Photographer
My latest favorite place to visit is the Classic Car Collection museum that is located in the back side of the Cabela’s building in Kearney. Yesterday I was talking to JL Schmidt, who operates the museum, and he showed me some of his most valuable cars. He is a delight to speak with because he is very helpful and informative. I think the museum houses the most impressive collection of cars I have ever seen in one building.
In the museum right now, they have a great 1959 Cadillac with large, impressive tail fins. I took some pictures of it and decided experiment and add a little purple to the image. I sized the print at 24″ by 36″ so the larger size makes it a great piece of office art.
My latest fixation is printing photos at a 12″ by 12″ size. I love that size because it is about the size of an old record album cover. Then what a person can do is make a collection of three, four, or six photos as an arrangement on a wall. These 12″ by 12″ photos make any man cave look more classy.What is fun about this size is that you can do a variety of arrangements. I also found affordable 12″ by 12″ shadow box frames at Target that easily convert to a regular photo frame.

The 1959 Cadillac caused much controversy among the auto industry. It had large fins that did little for performance and handling but was all about the style of the vehicle. What’s your favorite car and tell me what you like about these shots!

Andrea Kelley

Andrea is a fine art photographer who specialized in taking pictures of classic cars and rural Nebraska landscapes. To see more of her photography visit Pictures Of Nebraska. She also is the founder of a video website called Slideshows For Homes. Andrea helps people create real estate videos to assist them with selling their homes.