Who says Christmas trees have to be green? More and more people are “branching out” with white, red, or even pink trees during the holidays. And why shouldn’t they? Colored Christmas trees are dramatic holiday decorations that require minimal ornaments, or none at all.

Are you planning to decorate with an unconventional colored tree this year? Read on for advice on choosing the right lights and finding decorations in a complementary palette.

When to Go for Clear Lights

A blue tree with clear lights brings the beauty of winter into your home

Clear lights work particularly well on colored trees as they simply highlight the tree’s bold hue. A red tree with clear lights can give your home a warm glow. For an icy, wintery theme, use clear lights on an unadorned blue Christmas tree. The lights will create the illusion of sparkling stars in a night sky, or dewdrops glistening on the tree’s needles. Although clear lights look great on most Christmas trees, they get their chance to shine on trees with minimal ornaments.

When to Go for Colored Lights

Add a touch of whimsy to your home with a pink tree with colored lights

Colored lights can add impact to a colored tree. Lights in a contrasting shade can change the look of the tree entirely – blue lights on a red tree will create a purple glow, while gold lights on a green tree will bring out brighter shades of green. This is a fun effect because your tree will look noticeably different depending on whether or not the lights are turned on. You can even decorate the tree with multicolored lights, but know this – that might be one wild-looking tree!

When to Go for Bright Ornaments


Give your ornaments the perfect backdrop with a white tree

Metallic pink and lime green ornaments are just some of the many decorations that look great on a white Christmas tree. In fact, putting ornaments of all sorts of colors on this tree will look amazing thanks to the tree’s neutral color. You could also opt for sparkly or shiny ornaments in various shades of white and silver to complement the snow-white shade. For more boldly colored trees, create a monochromatic look by using ornaments that match the color of the tree.

When to Go for Subdued Ornaments


Complement subdued ornaments with a red tree

Subdued ornaments do a good job of balancing out the colors of red, orange, or blue Christmas trees. Trimmings in white or metallic shades will be a nice contrast to the tree’s vibrant hue without any clashing colors.

A few of our favorite combinations:

  • Blue trees with silver ornaments
  • Red trees with gold ornaments
  • Pink trees with white ornaments

How do you decorate your colored Christmas tree? Let us know in the comments!

Jennifer Lutz writes about home décor at blog.christmastreemarket.com. More helpful ideas can be found on the blog, like Jennifer’s ideas on decorating around the tree here:http://blog.christmastreemarket.com/2014/11/how-to-decorate-your-home-around-the-tree/.


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