The internet is filled with scary things. Things you don’t want to see or hear and certainly things you don’t want your children to learn. It’s not so often that I can cry happy tears while grazing through social media because an act of kindness is so sweet.

Enter Josette Duran. Josette is living in New Mexico and made a Facebook live video that has since gone viral. Josette’s son came to her at the beginning of the school year with a huge concern. A little boy at his school eats lunch alone every day and Josette’s son noticed he was only eating a fruit cup. Her son came to her to ask for an extra lunch every day to give to the little boy.


What makes this story even more amazing? Just a few short years ago, Josette was homeless herself. With very little to eat or spend, she and her son know all too well what that little boy and his family are going through.

The little boy’s mom found out that her son’s lunch was being provided by the kind twosome and she has since tried to pay her back with the job she just got. Josette could not accept the money.

Josette also coaches a volleyball team who raised four hundred dollars to pay her back. The compassionate mom could not accept it. Instead, she took the money and paid off every overdue lunch account. Now “everyone in the school can eat!” She exclaimed through tears.

What a heartfelt story. Hooray for kindness! Bravo to Josette for being such a wonderful person and for raising a son who has obviously paid attention to his mom. He’s showing kindness and love in a world that doesn’t see it enough!

“A little spark of kindness can put a colossal burst of sunshine into someone’s day!”

Feature image via Josette Duran Facebook page

Watch the full piece courtesy KCCI’s Facebook Page

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