Hip, hip, hooray!

“1 billion shots later . . . we have another on the way.”

In a surprising, but much anticipated Instagram post, Chrissy Teigen delivered the exciting news: she and celebrity musician husband John Legend are officially expecting their third baby!

Endeared to millions through her genuine and unfiltered approach to sharing her life on social media, Chrissy’s announcement was quickly met with an outpouring of love and support from fans, many of whom had been following since the model shared the absolutely devastating loss of her third pregnancy back in 2020.

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Now, finally pregnant with her rainbow baby, Chrissy says that “joy has filled our home and hearts again.”

In the candid, mega-viral post, the gorgeous model appears to be standing in front of her closet cradling her adorable baby bump (adorned in lacy black maternity underwear, no less), and sporting some dark bruising on one leg (evidence, she says, of the grueling fertility treatments she endured).

Teigen—who is mother to daughter Luna Simone, 6, and son Miles Theodore, 4—has always been very outspoken in sharing the raw and real aspects of her life, including her fertility struggles and journey with IVF, her battle with postpartum depression, and most recently, her choice to give up drinking and one-year anniversary of being sober.

It’s no surprise then, that this latest announcement is another honest and bittersweet one, and alludes strongly to the rollercoaster of emotions she has been experiencing with this latest pregnancy.

“Every appointment I’ve said, ‘Ok, if it’s healthy today I’ll announce’ but then I breathe a sigh of relief to hear a heartbeat and decide I’m just too nervous still,” she confides.

This sentiment is one that so many mothers who have experienced pregnancy after loss can relate to—a mixture of hope and fear and often, a great hesitation to share the news with others until later in the pregnancy.

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Chrissy speaks directly to the weight of never being able to fully let go of the worry and anxiety that come with a rainbow pregnancy:

“I don’t think I’ll ever walk out of an appointment with more excitement than nerves but so far, everything is perfect and beautiful and I’m feeling hopeful and amazing,” she admits.

Needless to say, we’re beyond thrilled for the entire Legend and Teigen crew, and sending all the love and prayers for a continued safe and happy pregnancy.

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