Chrissy Teigen is sober.

If you have been on mainstream media, you probably know this already as it’s been covered by Good Morning America, People, and other major publications.

But lots of celebrities don’t drink . . . so why is this BIG news?

Let me explain why I screamed in delight when I read this news, and why many in the sober community are so excited.

Chrissy Teigen is a megaforce of a celebrity. With 33 million Instagram followers alone, people read what she writes. She is ensconced in pop culture and she speaks her mind. She is also a mom and a businesswoman. She wears many hats and seems to be someone who excels in everything she does.

Chrissy speaks with no filter, and she doesn’t shy away from speaking about her life. She was open with her fertility struggles and IVF, and in October she shared the heartbreak of a miscarriage. Her willingness to expose her good AND bad makes her extremely relatable.

She completely lit up the sober community when she posted on her Instagram stories that she read “Quit Like a Woman” by Holly Whitaker and quit drinking. She said she was four weeks sober.

In a world where the only time you hear of a celebrity’s sobriety is through gossip rags and whispers of rehab, her announcement was refreshing and somewhat subdued. “Here’s a story about my vacation with my family. Here’s a pic of me in my mask. Oh yeah, check out this great book guys—it helped me quit drinking . . .”

Chrissy voiced her sobriety with no shame.

She is saying that if alcohol doesn’t serve you, quitting is a viable option. As someone who writes about my own pressures to drink in mainstream society, I can only imagine the pressure and availability of booze in Hollywood.

She also just experienced a huge loss in her son’s stillbirth. For her to choose sobriety during this difficult time is a beautiful reminder that we can do hard things without alcohol to numb.

I popped on her New Year’s Eve live, and she talked about how good she felt sober. She said she felt like she was experiencing the world for the first time in some ways.

I am so grateful Chrissy is being public about her sobriety, and I hope it inspires others.

Thank you, Chrissy. I am rooting for you—from one proud sober mama to another.

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