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I know someone needs to hear this. I need to hear this.

It’s a simple two-word phrase: hold on.

You may be sick. You may have lost someone. You may be full of grief and despair and think that it will never get better.

It will.

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Count the minutes, and remember you’re still here. Count the hours—you’re still here. Count the days. You’re still here.

And while you count, remind yourself why you’re still here. For your child, your husband, your father and mother, your friends. For you.

Because when this passes, you will see a sunset you’ll never forget. You will hear your child’s burbling giggle that will melt your heart. You will eat the best meal of your life that you haven’t even thought was possible.

You will have a moment when the darkness vanishes, and suddenly you think about it and realize . . . it passed for just a moment, and it will continue to fade until it’s gone completely.

You will persevere.

Because you, my friend, are a survivor, just like me.

And those nagging thoughts, the tears that plague every day, the hopelessness that invades your dreams, they will all fade away as time goes on.

Today you are fighting the agony, the powerlessness, the emptiness of whatever life has chosen to throw at you.

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Tomorrow you will thrive. You will laugh, you will dance, you will endure. You will survive.

So keep on fighting.

Don’t forget that you are precious and that you are loved by so many people who you don’t even realize love you.

You are beautiful.

You are needed.

You can do this.

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Rachel Ward

I've spent my professional life as a copyeditor and professional business writer for a child care organization. I have always loved writing and would love to share my experiences as a first-time mom.

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