In addition to being the year of the modern plague, 2020 is, strangely, also the year of the super emotional Christmas ad. The latest one to pull at my heart strings and also my tear ducts is this sweet father-daughter-Santa saga from Coca-Cola.

Oh Coca-Cola, I can’t quit your carbonated sugary refreshments or your sugary emotional commercials! I have to admit I look forward to these ads every year!

In this latest opus, Coca-Cola tells us the story of a father and daughter whose strong bond is tested when he must leave on a work trip close to Christmas.

Chasing her dad’s truck as he pulls away from their home, the little girl hands him a letter to Santa: can he deliver it while he’s gone?

In the next scene, we see that dad’s job is on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Ergo, catching the postman to give his little one’s letter to ‘Ol St. Nick might be a bit of a challenge.

But as you’ll see, this dad is willing to go to the literal ends of the earth for his baby.

And as you’ll also see, his darling girl’s one true wish is that he can just be home with her on Christmas.

Cue the tears! You guys, I can’t!

This is the year when I’m not going to get to be with many of my family members on Christmas. I’m still a kid who wants to be with her mom and dad on that day, and COVID is keeping us apart. So this one, yeah. This one got me.

However, I’m also more thankful than ever to be with my own babies on Christmas Day. They’re 16, 14, and 10—all still here for a little longer, guaranteed to be in my home on Christmas morning instead of in their own homes with their own families. Though I know future times with them down the road will be sweet, you better believe I am holding on to these last few Christmas mornings with them in my own house with both hands. And with all my heart.

So remember, moms and dads, after all that the pandemic has taken away from us this year, if your kiddos still have you, and you them, on Christmas Day: you’ve got it all.

I know that’s all I want on Christmas Day. What’s on your wish list? 

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Jenny Rapson

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