To the mom before school,

If you’re preparing for your child’s first day back-to-school or lesson planning for their first semester of homeschooling, I pray you remember that God supplies you with all the grace you need.

If you’re anxious that your child may be mistreated—maybe the shade of their skin, or diagnosis, or quirky personality has been met with ridicule before—I pray you remember that God cares for them even more than you do.

If you’re overwhelmed about squeezing homework in before bedtime or teaching several grade levels around your kitchen table, I pray you remember that God strengthens the weary.

If you’re concerned that your child won’t make any friends at their new school, I pray you remember that God draws near to the lonely.

If you’re juggling IEP’s and home therapy, I pray you remember that God knows each of your child’s needs and has perfectly equipped you to be their advocate, helper, and mother.

If you grieve for your child, knowing they’ve experienced the deep pangs of rejection among their peers, I pray you remember that God will use their hardships to refine their character.

If you’re riding a roller-coaster of emotions because your child is transitioning into kindergarten or college, I pray you remember that God walks with them when you can’t.

If you’re suspicious or certain that your child is on a rebellious and dangerous path, I pray you remember that nobody is outside the reach of God’s redemptive hand.

If your child is struggling academically and you worry for their future, I pray you remember that God will be faithful to provide for them.

If you’re worried that your child’s depression or anxiety will escalate under the pressure of school, I pray you remember that God heals the broken-hearted and lifts the crushed in spirit.

If you’re uncertain that you’ve made the right choice—maybe public, private, or homeschool would have been better—I pray you remember that God gives wisdom to those who ask.

And if you’re on your knees praying—
Praying that your child will be diligent with their work, kind to their peers, honest with their teachers, loyal to their friends, wise with their choices, humble about their mistakes, loving in their actions, bold with their faith, and devoted to their God,
I pray you would remember that God hears you and will answer your prayers in his perfect wisdom and in his perfect timing.

Amy Dimarcangelo

Amy is a wife, mom of three, and taco enthusiast from New Jersey. She co-leads mercy ministry outreach at her church and works part-time teaching children diagnosed with autism. You can find more of her writing on her blog or follow her on Facebook.