To my precious and beautiful children:

I know your daddy is gone, but I want you to understand a few things.

He loved you. He prayed every day for you. He wanted you and dreamed for you. He may not be here, but he will always be a part of you. Remember that and be confident in it.

More than anything, please know there is a God who created everything your eyes of wonder can see. He made this world that we walk in. He made the faces you meet and the beauty you discover. He is in all things and above all things. Though this may be too big of a concept for you to grasp right now, this God loves you to the deepest of depths and the highest of heights. You are the apple of His eye tucked away in the shadow of His wings (Psalm 17:8). He created you and knew you even before I did. He called you by name and has big plans for you. He is the father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5).

I won’t always be able to give you everything that I think you deserve. I would give your daddy back if I could. I would give you the world if it were possible.

What I will give you is this: I will give you unconditional love. I will show up for you even when you think you have failed or fallen too far. I will never give up on you. The thousands of prayers that brought you into existence, will be added with a million more for you in the years ahead. I promise to always lead you to Jesus.

Since I knew of you, I prayed every day that you would follow the Lord at a young age, that you would know He sent His Son, Jesus, to take on your sins and forgive you of your past, present, and future. I will let you know of His love daily. And though mine will fall short, His never will.

I will teach you that the heartaches of this world will not destroy you but will strengthen you.

I will teach you to be kind and to love others as Jesus loves us. I will disappoint you, because I am your mom and I am human, but my love will never diminish or run dry.
One day, I will let you go and trust that God will hold you tightly in His grip. I will watch you grow into courageous and confident people who will make their imprint in this world.

I only ask that you be who God made you to be. Do not doubt His goodness and His faithfulness. Do not doubt that He is always with you. When you feel lost, confused or rejected, stand on the truth that He will never leave you or forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6). Believe in that truth and entrench it in your minds.

And, if you forget it at times, I will be here to remind you.

Though I am merely a momma, my prayers for you are empowered by my faith in the One who holds you in the palm of His hand.

If you never have an earthly father here, know that you have a Father much bigger than even I can offer. Know that this Father has always and will always provide.

You are brave, little ones.

For now, sleep and be loved. Tomorrow is a new day in the future days of many.

I love you,
Your mom

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Krissie Lain Garland

Krissie Garland is a proud mom of two year old twins. She is a Licensed Professional Cousnelor and works for a Ministry called Care for Pastors. Krissie began writing as a tool to help her heal after the tragic loss of her husband this year.