Dear co-parents, 

When you walk into my classroom for open house, conferences, or a meeting, I notice right away. I can sense the distance between you. I see the forced smile. The eyes that have cried a million tears. Where wedding rings once sat, I see pale indentations that time cannot seem to erase.

I know how hard this all is. I know you had to plan where you would meet to walk in together and all of the logistics many take for granted. I know you wonder if I can tell.

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I want to tell you a few things. You are brave. You care about your child more than words can say. No one can take your role of parent away, despite your worries. You are doing the hardest thing that you might not want to do because you love your child more than anything in this world.

I promise to remember. 

I promise to remember that your child, my precious student, has two homes. 

They might share sad feelings or carry the weight of the world on their shoulders at times, and I will remember. I will thank them for being courageous when they share about having divorced parents. I will treat them with kindness when they are sad.

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I will ask them about Mom’s house and Dad’s house when they tell me a story. I will remind them that I remember. When they forget something at one of their houses and won’t be back for the week, I will remind them that it is okay. I will offer them grace and love.

You see, my own kids have two houses. 

I know your life. I know the absolute joy your kids bring you and the absolute sadness you feel when they leave. I promise to be on your team. I promise to never forget.

I promise.


Your child’s teacher

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