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My darling daughter,

Every mother wants to hand her daughter the world—not as it stands, but something better, something more deserving of her daughter. A world that is kinder, more compassionate, and safer. Sharing a daughter with the world brings up so much fear. Fear of you getting hurt. Being disappointed. Finding heartbreak. Or worse yet, danger.

But daughter, what I can tell you with certainty is I want you to live—to live freely, to live curiously, to live bravely, to be wild and in your sovereign power. I want you to know and trust yourself so deeply, to bring your light to this world, and to let the universe guide you to uncover your truths and gifts.

My darling daughter, I want for you . . .

Freedom. Find freedom in being unapologetically yourself. In knowing the purity of your spirit and the gifts you’re meant to bring to the world. Ground yourself in these truths and fully embrace them. Never hide. Never question. Make the choice–both big and small—to live in your truth, no matter who’s watching.

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Courage. Find courage when it’s hard. Tap into your inner fierce warrior and unlock her power. Be scared and do the scary thing anyway. You’ll be proud you did. Dream. Be wild. Be you. That’s who you’re meant to be. That’s your unique gift—and that’s exactly what the world needs.

Play. Make room for play, joy, creativity, and laughter. Laugh so hard your body hurts. Find joy in the smallest of moments—together they add up to create a full life. Give yourself permission to be playful, silly, and goofy. Be curious. Dance. Laugh at yourself. And share in that laughter with others.

Compassion. Love yourself well—and first, always. Be forgiving, understanding, kind. Give yourself grace when you face doubt or insecurity. Humans are imperfect. Humans fail. Humans are resilient. You can do this—and you will. How you see and treat yourself through adversity is just as important as what you do. Share this kindness with others.

Presence. Slow down enough to fully experience and treasure the gift of life. Follow your breath. Approach the world with curiosity and gratitude. It truly is a wonder—just as you are my miracle. Limit distractions. Focus on being versus doing. And breathe it all in. Treasure love, wonder, and creativity. Pay attention.

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Patience. Life will be your greatest teacher. You will have successes and failures—there are lessons to learn from both. Ask yourself what lesson the universe is trying to teach you. Create space for slowing down to receive wisdom and make time to reflect. Give yourself grace if it doesn’t come easily or takes time to learn.

Trust. Let go. Practice humility and understand you are a co-creator of your path with the universe. Trust in the signs of a higher power to guide you. Trust in your wisdom and intuition—your inner voice, that gnawing feeling in your heart and stomach, unexplainably strong feelings, even the lessons in your dreams. Slow down and be silent enough to listen. This will always take you where you need to go even if you can’t make sense of it quite yet—you will.

Empowerment. Embrace your limitless power. You are a warrior. A goddess. Listen to, trust, and access the wisdom stored in your body. Say no when you mean no. You are the gatekeeper of your time, energy, and resources. Never let anyone drain your light.

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