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Dear Father-in-Law,

You are incredibly missed—not just by your son or your grandchildren, but by me, your daughter-in-law.

I wish you knew how much I appreciated and loved you. You don’t know how much you meant to me as your daughter-in-lawyou were like a second father.

You always showed up, and I didn’t thank you enough, but I sure wish I could thank you more than I did, and here is what I’d say:

Thank you for marrying my mother-in-law and having your wonderful son, now my husband of 17 years. I especially thank you for accepting me as his girlfriend 20 years ago. 

Thank you for raising that strong, hardworking son but getting on him when he fell short.

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Thank you for being present for your grandchildren countless days spoiling them and sending them home. 

Thank you for instilling hard work into your teen grandboys so they could grow into young men with a purpose in life. 

Thank you for treating your granddaughters like princesses, buying them stuffed animals and chocolate (to say the least). They know what a gentleman is now.

Thank you for spoiling me like I was your own daughter that you never had.

Thank you for teaching our older three how to fish. None of those lakes are the same now.

Thank you for giving us the best laughs and memories on family vacations. Mini golf won’t be the same nownone of our vacations will ever be.

Thank you for being a support system and watching the kids so your son and I could go on dates.

Thank you for keeping the family together through barbecues and football games with your contagious laughs and memories of your past. No one can take the place of the Grill Master. 

Thank you for the grocery stops and unexpected meals. It’s like you knew I didn’t feel like cooking.

Thank you for being the ultimate patriarch. 

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Grief is unbelievably tough, but we have your presence and memories in our hearts. I’ll wipe away our tears for some time, I know. 

It won’t be easy to live up to your idea of hard work, dedication, and diligence. It won’t be easy to celebrate birthdays and holidays. It won’t be easy to look through photo albums and videos. It won’t be easy to see my mother-in-law without you.

But we’re making it. We’re surviving, just like you would want us to. 

Just know that you’re missed terribly, and always will be.

Thank you!

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Sharonda Jackson

I’m a wife to a supportive husband. A mother of six (including boy/girl twins), three of whom I homeschool. I'm currently a Social Media Manager and Founder of Coffee to Create, and I have my own mom blog, A Dozen Hands, which talks about quick recipes, developmental activities for children of different ages, and mommy's self-care. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, naps, chocolate, coffee, and travel. To stay grounded, I lean on God. He is my rock and my strength.

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