Every day I pick up the towel he hangs on our curtain rod and throw it on a hook in the bathroom, put his hair gel back in the bathroom drawer that was three inches from where he placed it, close literally every dresser drawer, and pick up at least two pairs of his shoes somewhere in the house. Religious-like.

As a younger wife (especially in the baby and toddler zone) this often made me irritated.

“Don’t I have enough to clean up daily after the kids?!” 

Years ago, I actually felt bitterness about it.

But these little things represent his presence in our home.

What if they weren’t there each day? What else would be missing from our lives? His laugh, his comfort, his guidance? How many women and children are living that harsh sadness out?

The scattered trail of his daily routine means I have a husband who keeps coming home. I’m not doing life on my own. I’m not raising my girls by myself. 

And that is a cause for gratitude, not irritation.

If you’re in that mode sister, take a breath, this is a common attitude trap for us. And you’re most likely tired.

But remember—it’s not “your burden” it’s your gift. 

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Holly Simon

Lover of old things re-treasured. Passionate about marriage. Believer in the gentle, history shaping power of femininity.