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Husbands, I have a few . . . tips.

1. Instead of sleeping in or rushing off to work, roll over for a minute and kiss your wife. Like, reeeeaaaallly kiss her (this may work in your favor RIGHT on the spot).

2. Catch her in the closet while she changes clothes and let your eyes linger. Then tell her she’s even more beautiful now than the day you first saw her.

3. Shoot her a text from work to say, “I sure LOVE doing life with you.”

4. When you get home, wrap your arms around her waist and lightly kiss the back of her neck while she’s cooking at the stove. Then ask about her day and really listen to her response.

5. Help with bedtime. And once the kids are tucked into bed as she flops down on the couch exhausted from a long, hard day say, “I probably don’t tell you often enough, but you’re a really great mom.”

Listen, I’m not asking you to tick down a checklist to get your wife in the sack. But sometimes we forget what it’s like to feel beautiful and sexy.

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Mostly we’re tired and unshowered and thinking about whether we have something to pack in tomorrow’s lunch because we didn’t make it to the store. Again.

By bedtime, we’re completely touched out by needy kids.

And we’re probably already running the mental checklist of what tomorrow will bring.

Sometimes we just forget about passion!

The truth is, for us REAL passion doesn’t begin at bedtime but in the little moments of connection throughout the day.

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And during this busy Kid Stage of life, those little moments are often up to YOU!

Kiss her. Appreciate her. Listen. Help out. And reeeaaaally notice how amazing she is.

Then when you give the look on the way up to bed that says, “Hey, you wanna???”

I bet her look back will say, “I’ve been waiting ALL day for bedtime, and tonight it has nothing to do with sleep!!!”

Originally published on Ordinary on Purpose, by Mikala Albertson

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Mikala Albertson

Mikala is a wife, family practice doctor turned mostly stay-at-home mom to five kids, and writer. She is the author of Ordinary On Purpose: Surrendering Perfect and Discovering Beauty Amid the Rubble available wherever books are sold. Mikala writes to give you permission to release your grip on all the should-dos and have-tos and comparisons and “I’m not measuring up”s and just be free to live your life. THIS life, however imperfect. In this body with these relationships in this house at this job with these parents and these circumstances. Your ONE precious, beautiful life! Join her on Facebook and Instagram.

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