Sometimes, if you are lucky, you and your husband will find each other again.

After struggling to make ends meet when first starting out, after the stress of finding your first home, after learning how to live together.

After the heartaches and worry of trying to conceive and the agony of miscarriage and the fear of how will you manage these tiny babies.

After the exhaustion of sleepless nights with infants and endless days caring for babies and the incessant anguish of wondering if we were doing it right.

After millions of steps chasing after toddlers and rushing to the emergency room and dragging stubborn “boneless” bodies through stores.

After attending countless school events and soccer games and birthday parties and recitals.

After fighting about dishes and arguing about responsibilities and making up time and time again.

After driving thousands of miles to practices and playdates and tournaments and camps.

After enduring health scares and pain and stress and loss—of jobs, of relationships, of loved ones.

After watching with fear and anguish as so many of those we care about tragically end their marriages because of infidelity, unhappiness or simply growing apart.

Sometimes, after all this, if you are lucky you sit on your couch with the one you married so many years ago, and get goosebumps when he reaches over to grab your hand. You remember the kids are at a sleepover or a school event or on a date where you don’t need to pick them up for hours.

And you find each other again.

Because although your life is still chaotic and stressful and full of worry, you remember that all those years ago you chose each other—and together made it through a million moments, a million steps, a million hours, together.

When you find each other again, you start to make plans of a different nature. You wonder where you want to settle when the kids are gone and dream about places you want to visit. You start appreciating each other a little more and resenting the life of the other a little less. You start doing the little things again, the things that made you fall in love in the first place.

And your love, just when you think it isn’t possible, just when you think you have no more love to give, deepens.

Because you recognize how lucky you are that you stayed together—and that you’ve found each other again.

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Whitney Fleming

Whitney is a mom of three teen daughters, a freelance writer, and co-partner of the site You can find her on Facebook at WhitneyFlemingWrites.