People will likely never see my husband hold my hand in public.

People will rarely see him gush over me on social media.

People will not see elaborate birthday, anniversary, or Mother’s Day posts.

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Flowers do not arrive at my office on special occasions for the world to see.

My husband doesn’t love loud.

He loves in the quiet of holding my hand in his truck while we drive.

He loves in doing the dishes while singing praise music because he knows I gush at the sound of his voice.

He loves in picking up toys, doing homework with our daughter, and putting the toddler to bed so I can shower and take a break.

He loves in quiet by bringing home my favorite ice cream even though it wasn’t on the grocery list I gave him.

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He loves in quiet by sitting by my side on a porch swing watching our children play.

Love doesn’t have to be loud and upfront for everyone to see.

It’s OK if it is.

But quiet love, quiet love is for me and it’s OK if the world doesn’t see it often—because I do and that’s all that matters.

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Stacey Tadlock

Stacey Tadlock is working wife, mother, photographer, writer, and cleft and infertility awareness advocate. She is married to her college sweetheart and they have two daughters. Stacey is the writer and creator behind Faithfully Failing where she provides encouragement through scripture and life lessons for those times in life you feel like you are failing in faith, marriage, or motherhood. She hopes through her words women are reminded that no matter your failures God’s grace covers it all. Every day is a new day to glorify Him and a new day to conquer yesterday’s failure with His unyielding grace