When you were small, we had all the moments. It began inside me when I carried you around everywhere I went.

Then as a babe, it was either me or your dad who had the blessing of your company.

Not until you began kindergarten did you ever spend time away from us. But night after night, you were still safe in our arms and home, and every waking moment, I knew where you were and who you were with.

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As you grew, we were still so glued togetheryou and me. I was the apple of your eye, and you were my little sunshine.

That piggyback ride to your bedtime after a snuggle together in front of the TV was my favorite time of the day.

Then gradually time away from me grew more frequent and longer as you became a boy and then a young man.

We’ve had our share of disagreements and haven’t always seen eye to eye. We’ve gone up and down the roller coaster ride that is learning to cope with change and growth.

There have been moments you’ve made me cry, and I’ve done the same to youthe knowledge of this breaks my heart even more than the times you broke mine.

But that smile, the contagious, gorgeous deep laugh of yours, that shy grin when you’re amused but don’t want anyone else to know, the way you now enquire how was my day.

Those are the moments I know you still and recognize my little sunshine all over again.

I see him in the reflection of my own eyes as we come face to face, albeit yours now a couple of heads above mine.

I see all those moments of love, laughter, tears, and fears that we rode through together and know there are still many more to come yet. But I’m praying and trusting with all my heart the love and laughter parts will more than outshine the latter, and I can’t wait to experience them.

And while I can’t foresee our future, how much longer these moments will be all mine to hold onto, I cherish the small moments when you come and just be close, just to be nearby, and hopefully, you’re cherishing the love and laughter in our relationship that’s been, that is, and is to be more of . . . like I do.

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So in those times when I’m busy still being a mom, cleaning, cooking, organizing, or even just re-painting the house . . . and you come to just be near.

Thank you for those small moments, my gorgeous growing boy, who is now nearly a man, but every bit still my little sunshine.

I will be forever thankful for all the moments with you, the big, the hard, the fun, and the loving . . . but mostly and always, the small. 

Debra Wilson

Debra is a farmer's wife with three children, living in rural Australia. She has always had a love for writing, reading, sharing, and supporting others with life's stories. She currently coordinates a local support group for women and worked as a chaplain in schools during her children's school years. Today she and her husband enjoy managing their farm together and being involved in their kids' and extended families' lives, attempting to live a God-honouring life.