Dear son, marry the girl who loves God with her heart, mind, and soul. You’ll know this by how she loves others.

Marry the girl who isn’t consumed by her physical appearance but is more concerned about her character.

Marry the girl who values honesty and isn’t afraid to tell the truth, hear the truth, and seek the truth.

Marry the girl who is humble enough to apologize when she is wrong and ask for forgiveness when she makes mistakes.

Marry the girl who understands the fullness of God’s merciful grace and pours it on others often . . . and you.

Marry the girl who knows that listening is key to effective communication, and she’s always willing to hear what you have to say.

Marry the girl who feels obligated to do the right thing even when it’s hard.

Marry the girl who cares more about how she sees others than how others see her.

Marry the girl who sets goals, works hard, and is passionate about her purpose in this world.

Marry the girl who will stick with you, no matter what challenges you go through.

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Marry the girl who understands commitment is a lifelong journey that is a choice she must make every single day.

Marry the girl who believes in the power of prayer and depends on her faith to guide her in every aspect of her life.

Marry the girl who sees all of your strengths and all your potential and tells you so, often.

Marry the girl who loves you most, when you are unlovable.

Marry the girl who is confident in you and empowers you to be your best even when you’re at your worst.

Marry the girl who is responsible with her choices, accountable for her actions, and reliable with her promises.

Marry the girl who will always be a safe place for you to fall especially when you fail.

Marry the girl who is kind and forgiving, patient and generous, for it’s in these traits where love grows.

Marry the girl who wants to nourish your relationship and meet your needs through all the changing phases and stages of your life.

Marry the girl who is trustworthy and dependable, with an unwavering devotion you never have to question.

Marry the girl who is strongest when you are weakest, who steps up when you fall down, and who can help carry the load when you grow tired.

Marry the girl who finds joy in the everyday minutia of life, embracing the small things with appreciation.

Marry the girl who honors who you are and believes in all you dream to be.

Marry the girl who is always willing to work on herself, heal broken parts that need mending, and work through conflicts that need to be resolved.

Marry the girl who is wise, who makes decisions with thoughtful consideration, discerning what is best through all she has learned.

Marry the girl who truly sees you, who understands all that you are, and why you’re you.

Marry the girl who finds fulfillment in meaningful experiences rather than material things.

Marry the girl who knows marriage is hard work, full of compromise and flexibility, sacrifice, and respect.

Marry the girl who trusts in God’s grace and truth to transform and strengthen your marriage.

Marry the girl who will stand up for you, stand in for you, and stand with you, through every decision you make and every risk you take.

Marry the girl who can make anything fun and knows how to make you laugh.

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Marry the girl who perseveres through dark times, who is strengthened by trials, and who has the courage to navigate through the storms that will arise.

Marry the girl who trusts that with God all things are possible and everything works for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

Marry the girl who embraces your past, cherishes your present, and dreams of your future.

Marry the girl who loves you without conditions or expectations, without criticism and condemnation.

Marry the girl who challenges you to develop your strengths and work on your weaknesses, and wants you to do the same with her.

Marry the girl who melts your heart, fuels your mind, and nurtures your soul.

Marry the girl who woos you and believes in you, who trusts you and defends you, who respects you and supports you, who dreams with you and works with you, who grows with you and goes with you, through every season you two travel through.

And someday when you marry your forever girl . . . 

Be all these things for her too.

Dear son, there is no such thing as a perfect girl, but I know there is a girl out there, who is perfect for you. And there is no such thing as a perfect boy, but you will be perfect for her too.

Neither of you will do any of these things perfectly, but it is my hope and my prayer you both realize your love is a gift to be grateful for and work on every day of your lives.

Christine Carter

Christine Carter writes at, where she hopes to encourage mothers everywhere through her humor, inspiration, and faith. Her work is published on several various online publications and she is the author of "Help and Hope While You're Healing: A woman's guide toward wellness while recovering from injury, surgery, or illness." and “Follow Jesus: A Christian Teen’s Guide to Navigating the Online World.” Both books sold on Amazon.