You do not have to clean the entire bathroom in order to take a bath.

You do not have to earn your rest.

Just dredge the waterlogged toys from the bottom of the tub and be done with it. Find that clay mud mask you got for Christmas, turn on your podcast, make some tea.

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You do not have to exercise each and every day just because some beautiful and lovely people say it’s their key to happiness.

You hold your own keys.

You can be softer.

Put away those jeans that only fit sometimes.

Put away the bras that always hurt.

Put the softest things on top in the drawer, or on your body where they belong.

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Order a hair highlighting kit from the internet.

You are worthy of what you might have called wasted time.

P L A Y.

Remember you don’t have to succeed at this—you don’t have to make it worthwhile to be worthy.

You are.