I ruffle a lot of feathers when I say I like to serve my husband or that taking care of the house is my responsibility. People are quick to disagreetelling me I should not be serving my husband, that as equals our roles should look exactly the same. But a random conversation with my husband the other day highlighted exactly why equal doesn’t mean the same and that it’s OK.

We were having a conversation about my husband’s job and the fact that he works so hard and it takes up so much of his day. He then said, “But I take great pride in being able to provide for this family.”

My immediate reaction was, “I know, and we are so grateful for that.” But then I pointed out that his feelings are exactly the same as when I say, “I take great pride in keeping the house clean and running smoothly.”

His reaction? “I know.”

That’s why we work as a team, why we are stronger together.

My husband and I were brought together by God, joined as partners who should love, support, and serve each other 150%. I am not just called to serve him; we are called to serve each other.

We each fulfill a vital role in our family structureeach role is equally important even though they look drastically different.

My husband works harder than anyone I know to be successful in his career and provide financially for our family. After working long days, he comes home and prioritizes spending quality time with the family.

I work all day at home, taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning, managing our schedule, and planning our activities.

By keeping things running smoothly at home, it allows my husband to focus on his job without worrying about things at home.

By working hard to provide, it allows me to stay home and focus on our babies and the house without worrying about finances.

If you asked my husband to stay home, he wouldn’t thrive. He is meant to work outside the home.

If you asked me to work outside of the home, I wouldn’t thrive. I was meant to be a homemaker.

One role is not better or more important than the other. Both are necessary to make a wholeto create a healthy, functioning, and thriving family that has all its needs met.

Katelynne Eid

Katelynne is married to her high school sweetheart and a stay at home mom to 4 little ones in Connecticut. When she is not managing the house or homeschooling her little ones, she provides encouragement and practical ideas for other homemakers and mamas through her blog The Disguised Supermom. Her passion is supporting these women, lifting them up and giving them tangible ways to ease the stress that comes from each aspect of their life.