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So God Made a Toddler

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So God Made a Toddler

One day, God looked down on his plan for the family and said, “I need to shake things up.” So God made a toddler. God needed someone willing to get up before dawn, cry for milk, run around the house all day, cry for milk again, not eat their supper, and then lay in bed past midnight asking for a glass of water. So God made a toddler. It had to be somebody with arms strong enough to climb over the baby gate yet gentle enough to cuddle on the couch on a rainy day. Somebody to make messes, jump...

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Yes, Toddlers Are Wild—But There’s No One Sweeter

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Toddler kissing mother on cheek

Rowdy.  Stubborn. Moody. Unpredictable. Independent. Messy. These are the words we use to describe toddlers. Heck, these are words I’ve used to describe my own on more than one occasion. And it’s true—toddlers are the wildest kind of rollercoaster. I’m not going to sit here and pretend to love the tornado of stuff they scatter through the house or the surprises they leave in the bathroom.  There are times I feel my patience wear thin as I wait for my impossibly independent son to put his shoes on his own feet (backward), all the while knowing we’re already so late...

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Toddlers Are Exhausting—And Worth it

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mother and toddler

A few months ago, I remember complaining about you. A few weeks ago, I remember complaining about you. I’m so sorry. It wasn’t your fault. I mean, you’re not even two years old. I was just so tired, you know? I love being your mom. I love it with a love that I can’t comprehend or really even explain. Sometimes, I look at you and you look back at me with this toothy grin that, when paired with your cheeky gaze through wispy baby bangs, absolutely stops me in my tracks. You’re a cutie and you have my whole heart...

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