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Dear uninvolved family,

It’s sad that you don’t care enough to come see us, to bother with my children.

You rarely ask us how they are.

You don’t ask to spend time with them, to take them to the park, the movies, for a walk, or just have them over on the weekend. 

It truly breaks my heart that you don’t spend enough time with them and because of that, they barely remember who you are. 

I won’t ever beg anyone to be a part of my children’s lives because, in the end, it is you who are missing out on all the love, the fun, the memories, the hugs, the kisses, and their achievements. 

It always baffles me how anyone could just ignore their existence, brush them off like they aren’t important. It makes me sad when I look at their innocent little faces and to think that there are people who don’t want to watch them grow up or make enough effort to be in their lives.

I cannot force anyone to be there or take an interest in my children, but I can love them enough so they don’t need anyone else. 

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But one day, you will regret not being there and missing out on birthdays and days out. You’ll regret not visiting enough and missing out on all the little milestones they achieve. 

In the end, I think they will always remember the ones who were there, who made the effort, who made the memories, and not who spent the most money on them because they outgrow all of that.

They never outgrow time and love. 

I guess I’m sad for you too because you are missing out on the best, warm, loving hugs they could ever give. The excitement on their faces when they see you. I must remember it is not they who are missing out on anything, but it is you who are. 

What scares me is if one day they ask me questions that I am unable to answer. 

But in the end, they won’t miss what they never had. 

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to those people who have spent time with my children and who love them like their own. 

Who spoil them with love and attention and time. 

For invites out and just wanting to be in their lives. 

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For taking an interest in them, in their achievements, and asking how they are. 

For being concerned for them, for letting them feel loved and wanted. 

Those are the kind of people I want in my children’s lives. They are the ones my children will remember in years to come. 

Those are the ones my children will look up to and love back. And who wouldn’t want that? 

Thank you for being a part of our family!

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