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While we used this DIY technique to make a large, custom mantle, you could do the same with smaller crown moulding pieces for shelves. (That would work especially well if you have leftover moulding from another project!)

2_Crown Moulding Shelf by Making Our Dream

I randomly found this ginormous piece of crown moulding at a vintage market and snapped it up with the thought of turning it into a custom mantle to put above our TV – an embarrassingly empty spot in our house.



This project does require some more advanced skills when it comes to using a saw – which is why I enlisted my husband to help. And by enlisted, I mean he didn’t really have a choice. Thankfully, he caught my vision for this one – otherwise we’d still have that ginormous piece of crown moulding taking up space in our garage!

4_Crown Moulding to Mantle by  Making Our Dream

First, we cut the moulding – using a miter saw – to our preferred length – 7 feet. Our moulding is made of foam, but is really strong and we could treat it like wood. 

5_Crown Moulding to Mantle by   Making Our Dream

Next (this is the hard part), Jason used a jig saw to cut pieces of wood for the sides that matched the pattern on the front of the moulding.

6_Crown Moulding to Mantle by MakingOurDream

We then patched those pieces together with some wood glue, nails and spackle.

7_Crown Moulding into Mantle DIY- by Making Our Dream

Once that was all together, we painted the pieces that include a pine board for the actual shelf part.

 8_Crown Moulding to Mantle by  Making Our Dream

When they were dry, Jason affixed the pine shelf to the moulding.

9_DIY Crown Moulding to Mantle  by Making Our Dream

We put it in place using three L brackets and then I got to work putting decorative pieces on top.

10_DIY Crown Moulding to Mantle by Making Our Dream

It really fills in that formerly-awkward empty space quite nicely!

11_DIY Crown Moulding to Mantle by Making Our Dream

What do you think?


Michelle Fortin

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