I was reading a devotional a few weeks ago about Mary and Martha and I had a revelation, I am related to Martha! You know, the woman who invited Jesus into her home, only to run herself ragged trying to be the best hostess, and boldly questions Jesus as to why she had to work so hard. Ugh! Yes, I have been there. 

Sometimes I hold myself to such a high standard that I run myself ragged and then boldly approach Jesus and say, “I’m frustrated!” Was Martha wrong in wanting to serve and do a great job? I don’t think so. After all, we are called to serve one another with a joyful heart, however, it was how she went about it. Martha was trying to impress Jesus and it caused her to be burned out and bitter. That isn’t a great place to be.

This past year has been challenging, stretching, and glorious. I have come into my own and spread my wings in a variety of ways. I am not the same person I was a year ago, and I thank God for that. One thing I am learning is the fine art of delegation. The dreaded “D word.” Do you know how hard it is to delegate? It’s hard for me to say let alone do! Learning to delegate means that I have to be proactive, organized, and then give it over. That can be really hard to do, because, people will ultimately do things differently and that can stress you out. Sometimes the projects you delegate could turn out with unexpected wrinkles. Then the feelings of failure set in and you begin to over-analyze the whole situation. This could cause you to to snatch the project back and cling to it with an iron grip, thinking that it’s safer with you. You try to iron out the wrinkles with all your might but you end up making it harder than it has to be. Then finally you realize that you can’t do it all on your own and reluctantly delegate it again. The feelings don’t come from anywhere but yourself and the unattainable (ridiculous) status you hold yourself to. Does anyone know what this feels like? 

And what about Mary? She got it right when she saw the importance of prioritizing.

As I take a step back and look at my life, I realize that I have freedom in asking for help, for delegating. I am embracing my inner Mary and learning to let go of this invisible status of perfection, which isn’t attainable. Oh my goodness! Let me throw my hands into the air, and wave them around like I just don’t care! Can you hear the sigh of relief and see the weight lifted off my shoulders? It takes a little work to delegate and let others come along side of you to help you accomplish things, but the outcome is so much better than if you were to do it alone.

So I leave you with a little morsel of wisdom: embrace delegation, let others help, throw away the unattainable status of perfection, be yourself, stretch your wings, breathe, prioritize and enjoy sitting at the feet of Jesus. 

“Martha, Martha, you are troubled and worried about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” – Jesus (Luke 10:41,42)


Jennifer Beck

Jennifer is someone who always has a smile to give! She enjoys writing about a variety of topics that woman can relate to and hopes to be an encouragement to others. She enjoys Mexican food, spending quality time with family and friends, watching musicals, traveling, and trying new recipes. Adventures have taken her to five different countries most of which were to serve others and share her faith in God. She now enjoys the good life in Nebraska and enjoys working with children. Creativity is another passion she has whether it's photography, painting, or crafting she is always seeing things from a unique perspective.