The pains I don’t know how to ease. 

The heartbreaks I can’t fix.

The unfair situations I have no power over

The struggles I have no solution for. 

The worries I only have words to attempt to ease.

The tears I can only wipe and hug away. 

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The problems I can’t solve. 

The trauma I can’t take away.

The realities I can’t fathom, let alone make less harsh. 

God is aware of them. 

Where I am powerless, He is still powerful. 

When I can only hug, He can bring peace to hearts.

When all I can do is offer a temporary retreat from the harshness of the real world, He is hard at work in the trenches. 

Where I have no solutions, no answers, He has a master plan

When words fail me, He doesn’t need me to speak them aloud.

Most of all, He is aware. He is on it. He is working. 

In all the sickness, all the hurt, all the worldHe is there. And He will prevail. 

When the days are long and the worries are mighty, He is mightier.

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He’s holding all the sweet babies in His hand. He’s with them, too, in a greater way than I can ever be. That’s what I’ll be reminding myself tonight as I search for sleep.

God’s aware. He’s on it. He’s got them. 

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Katie Moreland

Katie Moreland is a wife, momma, teacher, sister, daughter, and friend. Blessed to live and teach in the small mid-Missouri town she grew up in, she is enjoying life and doing her best to grow closer to God and help her family do the same.