I have learned that everything seems a bit brighter, and that life feels more manageable when I have had a good night’s sleep

Often in the midst of a hard day, I feel like life can’t get any worse, and I’m often so overwhelmed by so many little things.

When I feel this way, I now tell myself that it will look better in the morning. 

Many times the next day, my problems haven’t gone away, but my mind is clearer and I’m able to focus on the positive and tackle the difficult one thing at a time. 

I had my first day back at work yesterday for the first time since my daughter was born, and it was overwhelming. 

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I didn’t sleep much the night before because she was up and I couldn’t sleep after being up with her. 

My mind felt cloudy at work and I felt like I couldn’t manage being a mom and working

I felt that things in my house were already falling apart and would never be in order again. 

I kept telling myself that things would look better in the morning and that once I got into a rhythm I would be OK. 

Jump forward to today after a few more hours of sleep than the night before and while my problems didn’t disappear and my life remains the same, I feel a little more positive, and I know I will make it through this. 

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So from one mama to another, if life feels overwhelming today, see how it looks tomorrow after a bit more sleep because most things look brighter in the morning.

Natalie Howson Price

I live with my husband and two babes in Ontario, Canada.  I love to encourage others through my writing and believe that being vulnerable in my sharing can give others hope in their similar struggles.