Friend, I know how it feels.

Your heart used to skip and dance every time you heard his name.

The butterflies in your stomach went wild at the sound of his voice.

And those eyes . . . the way they seemed to look into your soul and say without words, “You are the most perfect one for me! I see no one else but you.”

He took your breath away and fulfilled every other romantic cliche.

Maybe he even cried at the stunning sight of you on your wedding day.

Just the thought of those brown, blue, gray, hazel, or green eyes gazing at anyone else the same mesmerizing way they did to you made you feel physically sick to your stomach.

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You were so . . . SO in love with him. You believed him when he said you were the most beautiful woman in all the world. You set your heart on the hope that you’d always be the only one he chose.

You dared to wish and dream so many things, just with him.

But then the day came when the truth came out . . . and it all felt like a masquerade. And the castle you thought you were building together came crumbling down.

Every scenario is different, but any form of betrayal mars any lovely love story beyond recognition.

Friend, no human can heal your broken heart. But how I hope you’ll turn your eyes to the One who can.

When you face the darkness of another tear-stained night, let Jesus whisper these words to your heart on repeat:

You are chosen.
You are valued.
You are seen.
You are pursued
You are known.
You are cherished.
You are fought for.
You are never alone.

He is with you in the night when the echoing lies of loneliness and rejection are the loudest. He is with you as you face a future full of unknownschoices you never wanted to have to choose, boundaries you never thought you’d have to set.

He is the only One who can reset and restore your heart and your life after secrecy, lies, or betrayal threaten to steal all joy of living away.

Let Him be your life and cradle your heart.

In case you need to hear it: this wasn’t your fault, and it wasn’t something God caused. It was a choice outside your control. But Jesus has a way of making broken things beautiful, and He can do that for you.

He longs for healing even more than you do.

Remember His voice is Truth and His paths are peace.

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Friend, betrayal is crushing. But you really can be OK again. Because your heart is safe with Him.

Right now, you may be right in the middle of your pain. But the beautiful thing about the middle is that it’s not the end. And the beautiful thing about Jesus is that He makes all things new.

So look to His eyes and trust in His heart.

And one day, as you feel the sun on your face and the breeze through your hair, you will know in the depths of your soul that you are eternally loved, wanted, chosen, and so much more.

Do you hear Jesus whispering now?

In the middle of this long, dark night let Him blanket you securely with His peace as you wait for the morning with Him.

Because morning will come. And as you rest in Him, His joy will come with it. 

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