If you’re anything like me, the first thing you see when you take a look at yourself is how unworthy you are. 

Actually, maybe the first thing you notice is every blemish on your face and the bags under your eyes, but it doesn’t take long for you to look at yourself much deeper than that. To take off the superficial mask and look at who you really are.

While the imperfections aren’t great to look at, to go along with that you put emphasis on how unworthy you are. 

Unworthy of the kids you have, the husband you lay next to every night, and the God who chose you. 

It almost feels contradicting when we know we are unworthy of a love that God saw us worthy enough to give us. Crazy, right? 

Yet, that’s just who He is.

I have been face down in a pit of my own despair more times than I like to remember. 

I have looked at the life around me and questioned how a God of such power could allow me to be a part of it. 

I have listened to the giggles of my children and seen the genuine joy on my husband’s face while begging God to allow me to find that same joy again. 

I have focused on my deserving of the wrath of God far more than I have allowed myself to believe I am worthy of a love like His.

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I have grabbed a sister in Christ by the shoulder and pleaded for her to pray for me. 

I have hidden behind the mask of joy while anxiety after my third baby ripped my insides completely apart.

I have dealt with discouragement from family and rejection from friends. 

But allow me to remind you who Jesus is.

He is so devoted to you and me that He died that sinless death because He couldn’t bear an eternal separation from us. 

He saw you as a piece of worth. Worthy enough He chose that sinless death over the eternity you and I deserve. 

He didn’t have to save Himself. He didn’t choose Himself. He chose you. 

When the battle seems too big for you, it never is for Him. 

I don’t say that in a “He will always heal you this side of Heaven” kind of wayeven though He can. I say that in a “His grace is sufficient and His power works best in weakness” kind of way. Trust me, I would know. 

In the midst of your struggle, you can easily find His strength. 

When the truth of Christianity is hard to understand because the way you see yourself doesn’t seem to line up with His sacrifice, remember that it’s nothing we have done to deserve what He did. 

He simply chose us.

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Hannah Dunaway

My name is Hannah! I am a mama to four awesome kids and a wife to a super special husband. He is a youth and music minister and also works for another company. I am a stay at home mom to our two youngest children! Due to a lack of adult communication during the day, writing is my outlet! I am so glad to be here.