I don’t know who needs to hear this but the enemy doesn’t have new tricks.

He knows your weaknesses, your trigger points, and will continue to attack them. Over and over.

You struggle with insecurities? He will make sure to point each of your flaws out.

You struggle with lust? He’s happy to remind you of ways you can temporarily satisfy those feelings.

You struggle with bitterness and resentment? He will be the first to agree that you don’t need to forgive what that person did.

You struggle with jealousy? He wants to make sure you are aware of just how good everyone else has it.

You struggle with anxiety? He can have a heyday by highlighting all the scary things going on in the world.

He doesn’t have any new tactics or tricks.

The good news?
You have Jesus on your side.

You have the voice of truth in your soul.

You have access to the force that makes the enemy flee.

So when he comes around, trying to mess with your mind, please tell him it’s not working.

Tell him you don’t have time for that crap. The same crap he tried to bring up over and over. It’s old news and you aren’t going to believe it anymore.

Spiritually punch him in the face, get annoyed and fed up. Declare what’s true. You aren’t going to let him take your joy.

Then run to the God whose arms are wide open, just waiting to love you.

God already won this battle, friends.

We need to choose to walk in His victory.

This post originally appeared on The Unraveling


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Kelli Bachara

Kelli Bachara is a wife and mom to two sweet kiddos. She is a mental health therapist, writer, and podcaster. Kelli loves her Goldendoodle, coffee, and this beautiful thing called life. You can find her at www.kellibachara.com.